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» Shayde, [x] demon || male
Name: Shayde

Age: 440 Years

Gender: Male

Race: Demon (N'vaen, Death Kingdom)

Alignment: Dark

Appearance: Tall and almost emaciated in appearance, Shayde is pale of complexion with dark, shadowed eyes. His hair is jet black, short, and scruffy. He generally wears a slightly ragged black cloak over dark trousers and shirt, with a thick mantle of rathar fur draped over his shoulders.

Personality: Shayde is rather sadistic and cruel, prone to playing games with people he's stalking to satisfy his cursed need to kill, or those who have, in some way or another, drawn his attention. Capricious and mercurial, he often comes across as whimsical when in a good mood, or completely deranged when worked up.

Skills/Abilities: An extremely deadly assassin, Shayde is exceedingly fast and agile for one of his kind, able to keep pace with even some Triggered demons. He can hide in and move between any shadows he can see, or sense if he expends energy on concentration. His rathar-hide mantle provides him with significant magic defenses, and he wears an aurem lion hide beneath his shirt as armor.

Weaknesses/Flaws: While his speed and agility provide him with great protection, any physical blows that actually struck him could be devastating as his physique is ill-suited to withstanding heavy blows. Light magics are likewise extremely debilitating to him. Like all Death demons, he must kill a sentient being periodically, or die.

History: Shayde left Kurai at a young age, working for a time as a hired assassin. However, he tired of that life, and took to the shadows, seeking more challenging targets. He preyed on members of the Onyx Faction, beating them at their own game for many decades, before returning to Kurai in time for Chamenos' rise to power.

Now, in the wake of Razor's disappearance, he's been idly waiting to see who might be chosen as the next Death Lord, and whether or not the new Lord would be worthy of his loyalty.
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