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 Rhaik'r, [x] Death - Hellwolf || Male
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Species: Death - Hellwolf
Gender: Male
Age: 20

Natural Abilities/ Powers


Rhai can glide as long as he has the energy to sustain being in the air: you could call it flying but it's not that simple; flapping one's wings, taking off from wherever one may be at that moment and soaring up into the air. For Rhaik'r normal flight is physically impossible for him (More on that below 'Wings') instead Rhai attains flight by using the power over wind as his 'get up and go'; Think of his elemental wind as a jet engine. He aims air from his wings down towards the ground in a focused blast sending him shooting up into the air. Depending on how much force he implements Rhai could potentially send himself 60-70 ft up into the sky with one blast. Once airborne Rhaik'r can either; 1. Glide the rest of the way down, 2. Use wind to maintain his altitude, climb higher, propel himself forward, side to side and if need be straight down.

Tho he can apply a wide range of implementations with his elemental wind for flight purposes he tries to glide normally as much as possible for as long as he can. Seeing as using his power in this manner can be very taxing, thankfully he has been utilizing this method for the better part of his life.

Energy Pulse:
Rhai has learned to read the air currents using; intuition as well as the many long hours he spent getting used to 'flying' with his 'wings'. As well as sending his energy into the air around him in the form of weak pulse's similar to echolocation , fine tuned through training to be able to sense the slightest change in the winds and air currents around him. This helps him better read were an updraft is or a slipstream, seeing as relying solely on his elemental winds can sap him of his strength.


His wings are not Rhaik'r-s original wings, those had to be removed due to a disease that latched onto them burrowing deep within Rhai's wing-bones. From there the disease began to take over, deteriorating them from the inside out causing his feathers to fall out eventually rendering them useless. On top of that the disease kept Rhai wrapped in constant pain, as healers looked for a cure the disease started to migrate further in towards his body threatening to kill him. Thus the decision of amputating his wings was made along with an aggressive counter measure to make sure they eradicated the disease. You could consider it something akin to chemo therapy, and for a while Rhaik'r was extremely weak almost on the verge of death. Which was not an option in his mind, it did however take quite some time but Rhai ended up making a full recovery physically at-least. But mentally he's been scarred from the loss of his precious wings. So much so that every waking moment was dedicated towards finding a way to get his wings back. Needless to say there was not a way to regrow them, distraught he sought other ways to attain wings and after many years he found what he was looking for.

A rough outline on how to make and attach a pair of wings to one's body was what he found. Setting about getting the material together Rhaik'r commenced upon making wings. he added his own functions to them (see below) as well as making them tough yet light enough that they would be no more cumbersome then normal ones. This took about a year to perfect, the last finishing touches, Rhai was ready to attach them. Getting help from both a healer and engineer alike he started the process of donning them. First the metal like synthetic ball with a shaft was set into the socket where his wing bone would normally have been. With the healers help muscles, tendons and tissues were grown and attached to the new joint. A short test run later the wings were fixed upon the piece that stuck out, with both the engineers and healers his wings were melded to Rhai's muscles, tendons and tissues. So perfect was the union that if the wings were ever to be damaged Rhaik'r would feel pain and bleed as if they were never anything other then his own.

After attachment there was only one last thing to make the wings actually responsive and seal all the augments in place he had to feed his Reiatsu into the wings. Thus making it so that all the work that went into them meant more then having some fancy pieces of metal hanging from Rhai's back. This process took almost a month to complete, at the end of each session he wound up passing out upon the floor every night, but he managed to complete the process. Walking out of his den with glowing wings, at-least to the trained eye; only thing odd about them besides being now a living metal was. While Rhaik'r was infusing Reiatsu into them, his left wing took on a much darker hue then that of his right. Rhai's pack would poke fun at him saying it was materialized proof of the good and bad in all beings. Either way he did not care he had wings! With practice he was able to fly again and at that point twas all that mattered to him.

Wing Powers/Abilities:
Being made of a living metal Rhai's wing feathers are exceptionally sharp; able to slice through most things with ease, if not slice through they can most certainly do damage at the very least serve as a distraction. Not only are they sharp but they can detach and reattach from his main wing, once detached Rhai can accomplish a few different things with them by manipulating the feathers with his energy.

* Attack:
Rhaik'r can manipulate his feathers in a vast array of attacks and patters limited only by his imagination, his more signature moves are; sending his feathers out like projectiles, hooking them together to create a crude like sword or whip, and finally stirring them into something akin to a tornado that Rhai can somewhat maneuver this tornado like attack with his Reiatsu.

* Defend
Rhai can also use his feathers in a defensive way either by; using his feathers to deflect objects or attacks, fixing his feathers together to form a half dome around him similar to a shield, he can hover them in fixed areas over his body creating a makeshift armor. Mind you any physical attacks done to his feathers can result in you getting hurt as well. Lastly he can sacrifice some defense by keeping a few of his feathers out for attacking.

* his sword would look more like daggers
* Less Feather Projectiles
* his whip, more like a flail
* his tornado, would be unusable

Note: His wings can fold in a manner of speaking. The top and bottom pieces close in towards each other like scissors whilst the feathers are drawn into the wing shafts.
Note: His 'tornado' can get about 4-8 ft tall 3ft wide; has enough force to stun, stumble, and deal massive damage (depending on the toughness of the adversary). On smaller and or weaker opponents trap them within the center, thus dealing constant damage to them. If he separates his feathers farther apart he can potentially crate a 'tornado' larger but this makes his attack less effective on smaller targets, and more annoying on larger opponents.


His eyes are red and pupil-less, starting out a vivid red towards the center, fading into a murky dull blood red color to an even darker more blacker tones towards the outside corners. Like they myth about death wolves eyes his are not so strong as to cause certain death, well at-least not to a stronger enemy, more like prey animals; but he can most definitely cause petrify on unsuspecting adversaries. He has fully mastered being able to control this aspect of his eyes, thus looking directly at him will not leave one without the free will to move tho some times his temper can get the best of him and he has been known to petrify those of lower rank when pissed off. Not to worry tho petrification only lasts as long as his eye contact with you, once he breaks it, or his line of sight is broken you will return to your old cheery moveable self.


Most of his other abilities are; his naturally tough hide and even tho he does not need to use his feathers in a defensive manner most of the time his hide can bear the brunt of most onslaughts, it can be penetrated thus he does take precautionary measure once in a while. His fangs and claws are also formidable in battle, these he uses more often then not, resorting to using his feathers last. Or when spooked he will shoot out a feather or two as a warning not to mess with him.


He is playful, adventurous, loyal and independent, he loves to find new things to keep his attention as well as honing his skills. Most of the time he is personable, easy going with a coy grin on his face. But if you do happen to strum that cord he can be one hell-of-a hot head and not shy about telling you what for. He is respectful to his elders and Alpha yet not afraid to speak his mind when speaking it is called for, sometimes even when it's not. he is also two sides of a coin, Rhai can be very outgoing yet shy at the same time, straightforward and yet beat around the bush. Some have called him a grab-bag you just never know what to expect yet even so most love him however he is. If there is one that does not Rhaik'r doesn't mind he does not let many things get him down. There is no point in being sour, especially when living forever may be a viable fact for you, to always have a bad taste in one's mouth and never taste the sweetness? no i just could not imagine it. He once said to an elder who asked earning a chuckle, he just grinned with a twinkle in his eyes and bounced away off to another adventure, playful as a pup fresh to the world.


Rhai doesn't have an exceptionally thrilling history; when he was a pup a debilitating disease latched onto his wings causing him immense pain and crippling him to the point of having them removed due to this affliction. He underwent severe healing afterwards to make sure the disease was completely eradicated from is system leaving him weak and frail for a spell. Once Rhai recovered he set about finding a way to create new wings for himself, after a year he was able to make and attach these wings to himself. It took him a few more years to learn how to fly with them after finding out there was just no way to fly normally. He engineered a way by learning to control the winds, bending them to his will he was able to soar in the sky once again, much to his pleasure.

From then on he was viewed as an oddball if you would, there haven't been many Hellwolves or wolves in general with Living metal wings. A few tried to poke fun at him tho they quickly found out by pain of fang and feather he and his wings were not to be trifled with. Later on twas more respect in the eyes of his brethren once he was old enough to fight on the battle field. By then he had perfected his techniques, rarely has Rhai meet defeat, tho not shy of tactical retreat, knowing when to save his strength so he may fight again.

For Rhai's family there is not much to speak of, his father died an honorable death and his mother was exiled from the pack. To circumstances unknown to him, thus for most of his years the pack as been his family; more so then normal that is. Thus protecting his pack members is not just a duty it's labor of love, he will go out of his way to save a member even if it means sacrificing himself to do so. He does not have any one person he loves more then another thus he has never looked for any type of mate nor does he realize an advance from any female wolf who fancies him or male for that matter. Much to their exasperation he passes them by without even a blink of understanding.

Everything else is quite a mesh of serving his pack and plodding out day to day activities to whatever he fancies. Most of the time you can find him either scouting in the woods or sparing with his pack mates. Tho he does not live uneventfully he does have a rambunctious side sometimes it gets him into trouble, he may be 20 but he still is a pup to many. And has the rest of his immortal life to do with as he sees fit, at this point in life? Its play time!


Just a few notes here. Yes he does have spikes running down his spine i just could not find those add on's in Feral Heart and his 'mane' hides the spikes up until about midway down his back. He is about 4' 9'' at his shoulder so a little above average for a Hellwolf. He has short fur, save his tail, mane, arm and leg tufts; so short in fact you can see right to his jet black and red scales. Rhai was born with the markings of bones on his fur and scales just adding to the eeriness that begets the Death-Hellwolf.

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