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» Harrow, [x] hellwolf || male
Name: Harrow

Age: Ancient

Gender: Male

Race: Hellwolf (Death lineage)

Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: Harrow sports a thick black pelt over much of his gaunt body, except for his face. From just in front of his ears down to his nose and jaws is bare skull. In his eye sockets gleam two spheres of pure, crimson energy. Beneath his shaggy black pelt, his body is ragged and battered. The horns that sprout just behind his ears are slightly curved, and the tip has been broken off the left one, leaving a jagged end. A row of bony spikes runs down his spine. A coating of dust and cobwebs cover much of his frame.

Personality: Like many hellwolves, his loyalty to his kingdom is staunchly unwavering, despite his current condition, and he never hesitates to place himself in harm's way when ordered to. When not on a mission, or patrol, he spends most of his time simply lying around in a state of semi-hibernation. He tends to hold himself apart from others of his kind, and only interacts with them when necessary.

Skills/Abilities: Harrow's endurance is phenomenal even by Deathwolf standards, due to past experiments performed upon him. His body is effectively dead, but his soul is bound to it as though it were a soulgem. As he lacks a working heart, has no need to breathe, and no blood any longer, bodily injury and disease have no effect upon him. Even when faced with a considerably stronger, or faster, foe, he can simply take whatever they can throw at him and wear them down before finishing them off. Also, when lying still, he can appear to be a mere corpse, up until he springs to his feet. His body will slowly knit itself back together to the point where it's more or less whole, though hide and flesh often fail to truly mend.

Weaknesses/Flaws: Harrow almost completely lacks magic, forcing him to rely on physical attacks. As he doesn't feel pain, he often won't notice if or when he's been badly damaged. And since he looks like a corpse, if incapacitated or otherwise immobilized, he might be mistaken for such and left where he is.

History: A typical hellwolf before he was experimented on, he spent his days with his pack, either on duty or socializing with his own. Afterward, much of his time was spent in unmoving hibernation. This led his creators to believe he had died during the experiment that transformed him, and they attempted to incinerate him with fire. Though the flesh of his skull was burned off, leaving bare bone, he rose and attacked in a frenzy until he came to his senses. Since then, whenever he's been in hibernation, his body was generally tossed out of the way into whatever space happened to be available.
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