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» Syndel, [x] demon/sarka || female
Name: Syndel

Age: 37

Gender: Female

Race: Demon/Sarka

Alignment: Neutral Dark

Appearance: Syndel's sarka heritage is readily apparent. Her lower legs from her knees to her toes are built like a sarka's, covered in hard, black scales, as are her forearms from elbow to fingertips. Her hands end in long, sharp claws, and a long, sinuous tail extends behind her, terminating in a poisonous barb. Sarka wings sprout from her back. Two long, black horns rise from her temples, and curve back then up, stabbing towards the sky. Her hair is bright red, and her eyes shift color with her emotions.

Personality: Unlike her father and brother, Syndel is often brash and boisterous, facing life with gusto. She takes a great interest in other Realms and cultures, and loves to learn. However, she knows the value of observation and forethought, even if she sometimes struggles to think before leaping into action.
She is generally slow to fully trust others, particularly demons from other kingdoms, but those she does trust can count on her to be a dependable ally.

Skills/Abilities: Her skeletal structure is as unbreakable as a sarka wing, and he scales on her forearms, legs, and tail are hardened to the point where she can block swords with them. She is fast, and exceptionally agile, even by demon standards, and formidably strong. Her teeth and claws have nasty neurotoxins in them generally leave the victim disoriented, and their movements sluggish. The venom in her tail barb is more lethal, able to poison the blood of her victims, and make their flesh rot. She can use her reiatsu to add more potent and lethal effects to her natural toxins. She is skilled in manipulation of darkness and light both, though she is still learning the finer points of their manipulation. She can shriek much like a sarka, although her shriek on its own simply causes excruciating pain, though she can use her reiatsu to strengthen it, and cause it to be venomous.

Weaknesses/Flaws: Her mercurial nature and fierce temper can at times get the better of her, and her judgment is not always sound, due in part to her temperament, and her youth. While she is highly adept at avoiding blows, she is less able to actually take heavy blows from powerful opponents.

History: Conceived from a union between Vortigern and a sarka the Pestilence Lord worked out an arrangement with some time after her father became Lord, Syndel was sent to Lay'nuidaon to mature, while being taught by carefully selected teachers. Along with these instructors, Vortigern sent enchanted runestones with his own words of wisdom embedded within them.
While only a short time passed on Kurai, she grew up, froze, and matured into adulthood before returning to Kurai to take on a more active role within her father’s kingdom.
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