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 Kirama, [x] saurian || female
Name: Kirama

Age: 42

Gender: Female

Race: Saurian

Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: A massive, bipedal carnivore with enormous, powerful jaws. Her forelimbs are relatively small, but long and dexterous enough to seize ahold of smaller objects or larger prey. Her hind legs are long and powerful, and allow her to run at great speed. Her tail is long, thickly muscled, and rigid, acting as a counterbalance to her forequarters. Her thick, scaly hide is a mottled blue-green and grey, with a brilliant plumage of feathers running from the back of her skull to partway down her tail. These feathers are primarily shades of orange and red, much like Autumn leaves, with a few shades of brown added to the mix. Her eyes, set deep inside armored bony sockets, are a piercing amber shade.

Personality: Kirama is a rather odd individual, as she can fight tooth and claw to protect somebody in one instant, only to abandon them to whatever fate awaits them in another, without remorse or glee. She is, in may ways, a quintessential mercenary, giving her all when paid, and walking away when not. She tends to wander through wilderness regions, offering bands of humanoids rides to wherever they might be heading, in exchange for being fed. So long as her hunger is continuously satisfied, she will continue to transport any passengers she might pick up.

However, to those few that actually take the time to get to know her, she is open and entirely candid with her thoughts and opinions. Should she come to consider somebody a friend, she will do most anything for them, and gods help anybody who might dare threaten her friends in her presence, because she will show no mercy to those who anger her.

Skills/Abilities: Her massive jaws are enormously powerful, capable of pulverizing any bone they can fit around, and she is quite capable of holding her own against dragons larger than she is. Her strength is formidable, allowing her to run and swim quickly, and make astounding leaps into the air.

But perhaps her greatest ability is her control over elemental earth magics. So long as she is touching the ground, she can draw upon magic to heal any injury she might suffer, near-instantaneously. Broken bones will re-knit themselves, gashes torn into her hide will mend, and any poisons or toxins infecting her will be purged, all within a short time, allowing her to wear down even larger, stronger, more powerful foes, and remain awake and active far longer than one would expect.

However, her typical use of her earth magic is to craft a howdah-like construction out of vines conjured from the earth upon her back, near her hips, to better transport humanoids or other, smaller creatures through rough, dangerous terrain, particularly in wilderness regions. This 'howdah' features seating, and large leaves which can be used as sun shades or shelter from rain.

Weaknesses/Flaws: Her enormously potent regenerative capabilities are dependent upon her being in contact with the ground. Should she be in water too deep to stand on, or otherwise off the ground, she will be unable to use this ability. Likewise, use of this regenerative ability is draining, which causes her to have an enormous appetite following any great amount of healing.

History: There is little to tell. In her early years, she lived as a simply hunter, eating and sleeping, day after day. However, she began to grow bored with so simple a life, and began her career carrying passengers through dangerous wilderness areas in exchange for food, intrigued by some of the stories she heard from humanoids.

This has been her life for a few decades now, and she's begun to explore regions on Realms other than Xaeri or Lizzarkyth.
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