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 Ralas, [x] dragon || male
Name: Ralas

Age: 723

Gender: Male

Race: Void Dragon

Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: Slender and lithe of body, Ralas is covered in leathery hide the color of dark basalt, with sparse patches of scales on his neck, shoulders, and hips, the color of polished obsidian. He is shaped like a typical western dragon, with four limbs and two wings. His forepaws are hand-like and dexterous, capable of manipulating small objects, and his tail is long and whip-like. His eyes are a brilliant amethyst shade, as is the glowing orb prominently gleaming in his chest.

Personality: Despite his relative youth for an immortal being, Ralas possesses great wisdom, drawn from memories of ages past, and is generally level-headed and calm. However, when forced to deal with something entirely new, beyond what his memories have prepared him for, he tends to get flustered and uncertain.

Carrying so many memories of now-deceased dragons within him, and the differing opinions each had coloring said memories, has led him to be rather introspective, as well as generally objective in his thinking. However, he's decidedly unsure when faced with new experiences.

Skills/Abilities: He has a deep connection to elemental darkness, and an intrinsic connection to the Void. He can phase in and out of existence, reducing himself to a faded shadow to avoid attacks, or phase through solid objects. While not innately harmful, if he passes through somebody while phased, he can inflict injury upon them. When faced with powerful light magics, he can take on a deep, solid shadow-like state that absorbs light completely. Like all of his kind, he can enter the Void without harm.

Weaknesses/Flaws: While his hide is tough as leather, it lacks the same durability as scales, rendering him somewhat vulnerable to physical attacks. While he can solidify into a living shadow, doing so is draining, and potent enough light magic will overwhelm him.

His uncertainty when faced with entirely new situations or circumstances can be detrimental to him, particularly if the situation is already stressful.

History: Among the first Void dragons to hatch, Ralas emerged from his egg alone in the dark. His cries brought no answer, but a soothing presence beckoned him. The Memory Stone called out to him, and he was drawn to it like a moth to a flame. When he touched it, memories from the past, implanted within the stone by those who had come before, and sacrificed themselves so he and his kind could live, flowed into him.

When he returned to his senses, he carried within him everything he needed to know to survive. The wisdom of ages past, together with the knowledge granted by the flow of memories, bolstered him as he grew, and helped others of his kind adjust to life.

Only rarely did he leave the island for a reason other than to hunt, and for a long time, that was sufficient for him. For centuries, peace reigned on Felnova, and Stroen'na was no exception. Then, one day, that all changed. Holed up in their secret island, he and his kind remained safely in seclusion, until the day when Scylla's wrath struck.

Now, with Felnova growing ever more unsteady, and enemies seeking to kill all dragons spreading across Felnova, Ralas has begun to wonder if risking venturing forth into the Realms would be safer than remaining on the island.
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