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 Cylene Slithersteel, [x] dragon || female
Name: Cylene Slithersteel

Age: Ancient

Gender: Female

Race: Cosmic Empyrean Dragon

Alignment: Neutral Dark

Appearance: A large dragon built much like the typical western variety, with four legs, and two wings. However, her entire body, from the end of her snout to the tip of her tail, and wingtip to wingtip, is covered in bright, steel plating seamlessly molded to conform to her body. Her wing membranes are covered with an intricate metal mesh that allows her wings to flex naturally. Her eyes gleam red behind polished crystal lenses. Beneath the layer of metal, her scales are a dark purple shade, with blue-black highlights, and gleaming black horns and claws.

Personality: Cylene is singularly devoted to bringing about unity within the Realms. Unity under her authority, by bringing all the inhabitants of the Realms into the Empyrean fold. She truly believes this will bring an enduring era of peace and prosperity to the Realms as a whole, and refuses to even consider refusal to be valid.

When dealing with others, she tends to hold herself with a regal bearing, and , at times can be surprisingly candid about her plans. However, the majority of the time, particularly when seeking to learn more about a potential opponent to her ultimate plan, she will present herself as a friend, or ally, while seeking to earn their trust. Or at the very least, lull them into a false sense of security.

Skills/Abilities: Through their shared 'blood' Cylene can mentally influence of not outright control other Empyreans. And lacking true blood of her own, she is highly resistant to blood magic. Her metal armor acts as an extra layer of protection, and she can manipulate it to form weapons at will, or shift shape to expose her natural scales or face as desired. She can manipulate other metals with great ease, particularly if she touches it.

While she lacks any elemental affinities, she possesses powerful telekinesis which she can use offensively or defensively. Her Empyrean nature also grants her a massive boost to her strength and endurance, above what would be expected of a dragon her size. Her reiatsu allows her to sense the locations of anybody within its range, allowing her to accurately target people she can't physically see.

Weaknesses/Flaws: She lacks elemental magics entirely, and her metal body covering slows her down somewhat. Her physical body cannot fully handle the energies she can command, and she has to periodically enter a trance-like state to allow her oil-blood to renew the damages done to it. If she exhausts her energy, or goes too long without entering a trance, her armored form will start to really weigh her down, making her movements sluggish.

History: Hatched on Millirand in ancient times, Cylene and her brother Kurdan both sought to find a way to overcome the lethal strain placed on most Cosmic dragons' bodies by the energies they could wield, but to no avail. Thus, when the Ten decreed a Royal lineage would come from Kazule, and he would reign as king over all dragons, they refused to acknowledge him as king, feeling betrayed and abandoned to their fates.

Kurdan turned to the Dark Five, becoming their Champion for a time and waging a war against Kazule and his followers, before falling in battle. Cylene mourned for her brother, and raised a tomb over his body. Then, taking some of his blood, darkened by the blessings of the Dark Five, she altered it further, and became the First Empyrean.

Settling beneath the Darklands, she slowly began to build a following of all species, drawn to her by promises of power, protection, and immortality. For thousands of years, she has been expanding her influence and power base, hidden away beneath the ground, driven by a desire to see the Realms brought to a state of peace and prosperity.

Now, she feels the time is approaching for her to return to the surface world once more. Soon, the Empyreans would reach out to the people of the Realms, and, in time, all would be one.
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