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 Iopäl, [x] Dragon || female
    97 solar years
    Eastern; Hexadragon hybrid
    2.62m/10.3m/104.3kg (when not using her powers)
  • Hydrokinesis
  • Water Mimicry
  • Weight Manipulation
  • Healing magic
  • Pressurized watergun attack
    Easily excitable
    Excessively modest
    Ancient History
      Iopäl was born in the outskirts of Covahold, Vystriana some 40 years after Verridith's rise to Queenship. Her scales shone a marvelous blue that glittered like waves in the sun. She is the sole offspring of an Eastern and Hexadragon mercenary pair that patrolled the shores of the Western Sea. She inherited her mother's magical abilities of healing and weight manipulation, and her father's water manipulation abilities. Many times in her early age she would wander close to Cliffport to watch the humans and kaveri engage in various activities. She once met a human reading a book on the beach near the cliffs. After this encounter she began to 'borrow' books from the town and taught herself the common tongue.
      At the age of 21, Iopäl's parents were summoned to defend Albronel from an attack. She never saw them again after they said their goodbyes. Stricken with grief Iopäl travelled eastward and came upon Skyfeather River. She lost her footing crossing the river and fell into the rapids. She struggled to change her form, but failed to. She passed out and travelled down the span of the river until reaching the town of Everdawn. Iopäl was found floating unconscious by the elves and taken in by a passing guard. The healers of the town managed to revive her but Iopäl's scales had changed color due to their magic. Instead of the deep blue she was when she was born, she is now the color of nightshade. Three years later an accident while training with a travelling warlock turns Iopäl into a deep purple gemstone. She is placed into a magical coma by the warlock and given to dragon caretaker near the Hidden Lake. She sleeps for many years.
    Recent History
      After the events of the Demon War, Iopäl reawakens as the warlock's spell wears off. She spends four years with the dragonkind within Hidden Lake before leaving for Albronel. She becomes an apprentice of a merchant and travels Vystriana to sell wares. On her most recent excursion, bandits made off with her inventory and Iopäl's apprenticeship was subsequently ended. A month later Iopäl travelled back to Covahold and wandered her old home. During Scylla's storm she helped stop Cliffport from being crushed by the sea and aided fishermen and merchants travelling by boat. A local artist inspired Iopäl to paint, and often times she would adorn her body with circular patterns. Since her arms are too short to reach all of her body she uses her tail; however, since there was a tuft of fur on her tail, they turned out messy. She plucked and cauterized her tail to stop the fur from growing and covers the scarring with paint. She currently still lives near the shore helping with the rebuilding of the storm's aftermath.
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"you do know I have the worst memory in the high desert right"
"that's a lie, you just fill your memory with all things BTACD related"
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