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» Korravai, [x] vystrian lion || female
Name: Korravai (Vai)

Age: 72

Gender: Female

Race: Vystrian Lion

Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: Korravai is an enormous lioness with eight legs; four forelimbs, and four hind. She stands over seven feet tall at her shoulder, and is broad and muscular of build. Her pelt is a dark blue-grey shade, and a series of dark, iridescent purple scales runs down the back of her neck, across her shoulders, and on down her back to her hips. Her tail, which is almost as long as she is, is covered in said scales. The fur on her belly is a pale grey color, and her eyes are polished obsidian.

Personality: She is slow to trust, and slower still to offer her loyalty. For much of her life, she has been a wanderer, feared or completely ostracized due to her enormous size, and accompanying appetite. This has left her a bit bitter and cynical, but she remains fairly easy going nonetheless. She has hoped that some day she will find a big enough pride in a bountiful enough territory for her to be a part of.

Skills/Abilities: First and foremost, her great size grants her enormous strength and durability, as her hide is extremely thick. Her extra limbs allow her to do things other lions couldn't dream of. She can extend her long tail even further, and use it as a serrated whip capable of rending flesh down to the bone. Her obsidian eyes are enchanted stones that grant her the ability to see through illusions and see into even magical darkness, allowing her to see creatures that may be hiding in said shadows. Her claws can extend into blades of pure darkness capable of causing damage to peoples' spirits, bypassing their flesh entirely.

Weaknesses/Flaws: Her great size, and extra limbs, require her to consume enormous amounts of food compared to normal-sized lions. Also, loner that she is, she hasn't had much opportunity to learn how to keep her strength in check when dealing with other lions, aside from kittens. Also, she is almost completely physical in ability, possessing only rudimentary dark magics at best, although she has the potential to learn more.

History: Born to a pride led by a cruel pair of lions, when it was apparent Korravai would grow to an enormous size, she was blinded, and left to die for fear she may one day grow big and strong enough to overthrow the two tyrants. Only pride law saved her from being killed outright. However, she was found by a rogue who looked after her, and eventually found a way for her to regain her sight in the form of enchanted stones crafted into eyes. For several decades, they wandered together as she matured.

Eventually though, they went their separate ways when Scylla's storms struck, and Korravai was left on her own.
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