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» Durus, [x] saurian || male
Name: Durus

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Race: Saurian

Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: A heavyset, bipedal saurian with a thick, bony dome atop his skull. Small, spiky studs line the edges of the dome, and a thick, bony frill extends from the base of his skull. Embedded in the front of the dome is a glimmering, dark blue gem. He stands nine feet tall at his hip, and is twenty one feet in length. His forelimbs are thick but dexterous, and end in short claws. His legs are heavily muscled, and his tail is long and thick. His beak-like snout is somewhat long and blunt, and his eyes are a bright emerald color. On his snout, shoulders, hips, and around his dome are bright-green, glowing marks, signifying his connection to earth magic.

Personality: Durus' wits are as sharp as the dome on his head. He tends to take any and all comments literally, at times to the detriment of himself or others. Complex thoughts are largely beyond his comprehension, as is remembering any complex plan, and he tends to operate largely on instinct when left to hos own devices. However, despite these shortcomings, he is surprisingly perceptive, and generally easy to get along with once he feels he can trust somebody. When faced with problems of any kind, he tends to resort to brute force, and ramming things with his dome.

Skills/Abilities: First and foremost, the dome atop his head makes an effective ram, particularly when he has the space to get into a full run. Likewise, his tail makes for an effective bludgeon. His powerful legs grant him great speed, and amazing jumping power. His thick, scaly hide acts as tough natural armor. While he has no idea how he does it, and lacks anything like real finesse with it, he is fairly powerful with earth magic. Dimwitted as he is, any attempts at mind control would often fail utterly. The gem embedded in his dome is a magic nullifier that renders him almost completely immune to all but the most powerful magics, and makes working magic in his presence more draining for the caster than otherwise.

Weaknesses/Flaws: First and foremost, his dim wits mean he can't carry out anything complex, and leave him completely at a loss on how to deal with civilization. Also, he ha no real concept of what Realms are, and can easily get lost if he accidentally portals to another one, or blunders through an existing one. The gem lodged in his dome absorbs magic cast towards it, and while it generally flows out through Durus' feet via his connection to earth magic, an overload of energy could have extreme consequences.

History: There is little to tell about Durus' early life, other than he was hatched on Lizzarkyth, and failed to reach any great level of intelligence. But he was aware enough to look after himself, an he took to wandering, scrounging around old, forgotten ruins and battlefields, gathering various odds and ends he knew other creatures liked, although he didn't know why, trading for things he couldn't find out in the wilds. Although he doesn't know it, he's been to almost every realm.
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