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» Nechesa, [x] zirus/true zirus || female
Name: Nechesa

Age: 58

Gender: Female

Race: Zirus Hybrid

Role: Queen

Alignment: Neutral Light

Appearance: An oddity among the species, Nechesa is not simply Zirus or True Zirus, but a hybrid of the two. As such, despite being born a Queen, she resembles only one arthropod: a spider. Additionally, she also has humanoid features. Much like a centaur whose lower body is animal, and upper one is humanoid, Nechesa's lower body is that of a spider, but where one might expect a head, her humanoid shape emerges. Armoured with neatly intersecting plates, the upper body still strikes a feminine figure. She only has two arms, but has hands like a human's, albeit with pointier fingers. Her facial features are much like a human's too, in that she has a mouth, nose, and main set of eyes in the same position as you would expect on a human face, but she has two extra, smaller eyes above each main eye, and her head has three, dull points splayed out at its rear, unlike the more rounded head of a human.

Her colour is a deep ash, not dark enough to be black, not light enough to be grey. All six eyes are a deep, shiny black, with no hint of an iris. Finally, as still very young a Queen, she only stands at ten odd feet.

Personality: Despite her appearance, Nechesa is the literal definition of 'gentle giant'. Like other Zirus, she isn't malicious or hostile, and wishes to build her hive in peace. If needed, she will show kindness to those who will see beyond her exterior and accept it, but will otherwise opt not to get involved with the matters of other species', wishing to remain neutral and far from their quarrels. She is a fairly quiet and withdrawn individual.

Skills/Abilities: Aside from the natural hivemind leadership she has, Nechesa possesses spinneret organs as many spiders do, which allows her to make webbing to trap prey. Her webs are very strong, and very sticky, and require a sharp blade to escape from. Additionally, Nechesa has sharpened teeth, with her upper canine teeth being particularly so, and set pointing slightly more outward than her other ones. Said canine teeth are capable of injecting (or if she wishes, spraying) a paralysing venom. The venom is only paralysing when in the bloodstream, and, if only a little is used, will only last for a few minutes. When sprayed, it produces a burning sensation if on bare skin, but does no real lasting damage.

Weaknesses/Flaws: Nechesa is very afraid of fire, and may fly into a panic around it, causing damage to her surroundings and potentially herself. She also has poorer vision in bright places, due to the fact that her eyes are essentially large pupils to see in the dark with, meaning constriction and dilation are not possible to control the amount of light let in.

History: The result of an extremely uncommon breeding between True Zirus and Zirus, Nechesa was hatched into a hive, where she lived and worked alongside every other Zirus as normal. Given that she was born as a Queen, there would come a day when she would leave and make a hive of her own. Unfortunately, that day came sooner than she expected. A large group of repulsed men and women attacked her mother's hive with magic and sword, resulting in many perishing, and fire blazing rampantly through the place.

A number of workers escaped through some back tunnels with Nechesa, and quickly proclaimed the heartbroken young Zirus as their new Queen to remedy the horrible experience of being split so forcefully from the previous hivemind state, and the group set about making their new home somewhere distant.


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Thanks to SpiritSai for her beautiful art!
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