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» Kiranth, [x] dragon || male
Name: Kiranth
Affectionately called Kirr or Kiki; however, roasts any who call him that if they aren't either Zenobia, or children.

Gender: Male.

Species: Dragon; Heartwoodian Gold.

Appearance: A young male with dazzling golden scales, kept polished to a mirror reflection. Thick, armored plates sheathe his neck, shoulders, back, legs, and tail in metallic gold, while smaller scales are diamond shaped and very sharp. He has large facial frills, as well as frills that travel from his nose all the way to end at a fan at his tail, along with smaller frills at his elbows and hocks.

His claws and webbing are both a creamy off white, with barely perceptible swirling patterns of white, iridescent in hard light when the angle is just so. His claws have a similar iridescence, and are a lighter color than his regular webbing. Three small scars mark his left wing webbing on the leading edge - other than that, he is unblemished, and unmarred. His eyes are a deep blue-green.

Personality: Upon first impression, Kiranth comes off as aloof and arrogant, speaking only when necessary, if not ignoring the goings on around him entirely. He is bored by courtly proceedings, and only attends them because his rider - Zenobia - is the current Empress of the Halgian Empire. He often affects a look of irritation or annoyance when bothered by trivial matters, and has threatened more than once to blast a councilor or ambassador through a wall if they make too many demands of him or his Empire.

However, beneath the exterior he puts out, he is a very caring dragon who enjoys surreptitious pranks and subtle jokes, and can become downright goofy when he is among close friends. Very protective of Zenobia, he rarely lets the Halgian woman out of his sight, even when among the most trusted of his own kind, or the most elite of Halgia's warriors.

Kiranth loves children, and will drop the facade to play with them of most species and ages, having almost become a father himself many years past. The single egg that his then-mate laid never hatched, and ended up being stillborn, half developed and dead by the time the shell was brittle enough to break under the weight of its age. Therefore, he sees children as precious things to be protected at all costs, even if such costs demand the payment of lives including his own.

Because of being a Heartwoodian Gold raised in the aeries of the Empire, he doesn't share his rider's views on dark creatures - to him, all of them are evil and should be put to death, as dangers to proper society. This is a point of argument on multiple occasions, where he will often sit and pout for hours afterwards.

Abilities: Though not the largest Heartwoodian Gold at thirteen feet at the shoulder, he is lithe and physically fit, as well as a very quick flyer. He enjoys using light energy in the form of white fire, either let loose in gouts of fire, or focused, exploding blasts.

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"you do know I have the worst memory in the high desert right"
"that's a lie, you just fill your memory with all things BTACD related"
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