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» Hanabi, [x] dragon || male
Name: Hanabi

Age: 230

Gender: Male

Race: Eastern Dragon

Alignment: Neutral Light

Appearance: Long as lithe as is typical with his kind, Hanabi is colored much like a tiger, with black stripes on an orange coat, with a white belly. A furry ridge runs from the crown of his head down his spine, ending in a tuft on the end of his tail. A thinner covering of fur covers his hide, except the white scales on his underside, running from chin to tail tip. His eyes are a bright gold color, and his ears are long and pointed. Two long, tufted tendrils extend from his feline snout.

Personality: A bit of a fun-loving goofball who enjoys sneaking up on people and tackling them for fun. Particularly if he knows they can take it without injury. Unlike some of the Eastern Dragons, he is grateful for the protection Slain provides, even if he won't agree that said protection is actually necessary.

Skills/Abilities: Despite his size, Hanabi is capable of moving as silently as the great cat he resembles. His talon-like claws are capable of inflicting nasty wounds, and he is as fast and agile in the air as he is on the ground. He is proficient with fire and lightning magics, and has the potential to develop potent light magics as well.

However, his foremost skill lies not in physical or magical prowess. He is an accomplished manufacturer of fireworks of all kinds.

Weaknesses/Flaws: While a powerful spellcaster, and physically strong and agile, he lacks any great skill as a fighter. He has plenty of potential, but no experience or inclination to go that route. His mischievous nature can also lead him to pull pranks even when the timing is not the greatest.

History: There is little to tell about Hanabi's history. He was apprenticed to a master fireworks maker at a young age, and he spent decades learning the art before accompanying a group of Easterns to Famine Fortress for a celebration. Eventually, he became a regular visitor, and commonly drops by.
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