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» Kurojaki, [x] demon || male
Name: Kurojaki

Age: 3'280

Gender: Male

Race: Demon (N'vaen)

Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: Kurojaki is a fairly typical demon, fine of feature, olive of complexion, and dark of hair he tends to style in a mohawk. However, many scars mar his skin, leaving him with an almost hideous appearance. His right eye is gone, and a massive scar runs from his forehead, across the socket, and down towards his jaw. His left eye lacks color, as his iris is the same pale color as his sclera, leaving his pupil to stand in stark contrast. Another scar on the left side if his face has twisted his mouth upwards in a grim smirk, and his left ear is missing a chunk of flesh. Numerous smaller scars are evident on his face and hands, and his left hand can't open fully due to the heavy scars on it. Beneath his typical dark leather armor and dark red tunic and trousers, countless other scars criss-cross over his body.

Personality: Kurojaki lives for battle, somewhat oddly for a Famine demon, to the point where he will seek fights with powerful opponents. He doesn't consider a battle worthwhile unless blood has been shed. Particularly his own. Interestingly, a sure sign he respects somebody is if he suddenly attacks them with little warning, engaging in a heated duel intended to serve as a workout, and satisfy his lust for battle. His loyalty to Famine is absolute, and outside of battle, he is typically level-headed

Skills/Abilities: First and foremost, his endurance and resilience to injury are far above what could be expected, and he has survived injuries that should have killed him. He is completely aware of this, and he can and has incorporated this into his fighting style. In battle, he uses a kusari-gama, a small hand-scythe attached to a long chain with a weighted sphere on the other end, either wrapping the chain around his arm and wielding the scythe, or unwrapping it and using it with both hands.

He is highly proficient with lightning and darkness magics, using the former to complement his fighting style, and the latter to bolster his stealthiness, although he rarely uses it in battle.

Weaknesses/Flaws: When engaged in a fight, he typically loses all track of anything happening outside of battle unless it comes close to him, and he tends to seek out powerful opponents to the point where he will occasionally ignore lesser foes completely. His odd way of showing respect can lead to great misunderstandings at times.

History: Kurojaki has served Famine all of his life, unwavering in his devotion to his Lord and Kingdom, and he has been at the forefront of battle during every conflict he was alive to participate in. His loyalty and ferocity in battle didn't go unnoticed, and he rose through the ranks. He was on the front lines when Chamenos murdered Jekt, a fact he laments, feeling he could have possibly slowed Chamenos down long enough for Jekt to escape. Now, he serves Slain with the same devotion.
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