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» Wrath, [x] dragon || female
Name: Wrath Sinful

Gender: Female.

Species: Dragon; Western.

Appearance: user posted image

A large dragoness with black scales, and swirling scarlet and maroon markings. She enjoys decorating her large frills with various gems and pieces of jewelry, and has more than one pierced or woven with threads of metal. She is often described as luscious and tantalizing, built long and lithe, with polished scales and a multitude of decor.

As the demigoddess of lust, she goes to great lengths to keep her best image, able to lure males of many species to her should she want. A variable temptress like her mother, she is able to shift into a multitude of species, though her color scheme and markings remain the same. For example, in a mammalian animalistic form, she would have black fur and red markings; in a humanoid form, her skin is of deepest obsidian, where her hair shades from black to maroon, and red markings swirl across her skin.

Personality: True to the nature of her cursed godship, she is a dragoness filled with an insatiable lust, and considers all males of all species fair game - taken or not. She's skilled in manipulating particular targets into secluded areas, as well as playing whatever card she needs to gain their attention, and often their willingness, through deception and deceit. She's able to spin detailed stories offhand, and more often than not, will win over a particular male with a story of being all alone and in need of shelter.

When not seeking a target for the night, Wrath is very irritable and quick to anger, fitting well to her name. She cannot stand the presence of females for long, and actively seeks to ruin relationships by forcing a female away from her mate, or drawing them apart with a series of skillfully woven lies. Going for very long without a mate will destroy any sense of kindness or compassion she has, and more than one male she's found after such periods she's killed after their throes of passion. In darker circles, she's known as the - rather literal - black widow.

Abilities: Wrath has very few traditional abilities, and has no elemental affinity or offensive capabilities, though she had been born with an intense fire breath. She is able to influence the emotions of others, to inspire lust or desire, feelings of confidence, or even feelings of worthlessness, in others. In addition to a gifted tongue, she is very manipulative, and has very little qualms about using her abilities to whatever advantage she might find.

user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image
user posted image
"you do know I have the worst memory in the high desert right"
"that's a lie, you just fill your memory with all things BTACD related"
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