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» Cordella, [x] siren || female
Name: Cordella

Age: 89

Gender: Female

Race: Siren

Alignment: Neutral Dark

Appearance: On the rare occasion that she shows it, Cordella's true form is, in a word, striking. Her features are very sharp, and though some with an acquired taste may indeed may find beauty in such things, to most she presents a peculiar image, a little too angular to be normal.

Her jaw and cheekbones are prominent, giving her face a distinctive triangular shape. She appears a healthy but lean weight, yet her limbs are thin, and just the slightest bit too long, unaided by the fact that she stands at 6ft 2. She has a sickly pale complexion, but still has a healthy pink to her lips and cheeks in contrast. Finally, she has pale lilac eyes, long, straight white hair that reaches a few inches past her shoulders, and two, white feathery wings on her back. The wings' span is just more than the span of her arms were she to stretch them out, meaning she cannot use them to fly.

In terms of clothing, she normally wears a simple white dress that falls to her ankles, with a low back to allow comfortable movement of her wings. Though not extravagant in colour, the dresses she wears are made from fine cloth, sometimes embroidered with beautiful threads. She may also often wear her hair up with gold decorations, and accessorize with rings, bracelets, and anklets to accentuate the beauty she is so convinced of.

Personality: As with most Sirens, Cordella is proud and thoroughly vain. The best way to get her to do something for you - more on exactly what she can do for people who seek her below - is to stroke her ego, or give her something she wants, and hope for the best. While she normally keeps her word if the price is right, she is never one to turn away a higher offer; she is greedy, ambitious, and enjoys hedonistic gain. Outwardly, Cordella always seems to have a smug sureness of self, like she is in control and nothing can pull the rug from under her. Additionally, even when not aiming to seduce a man in her company, she always tends to speak and act with subtle flirtations, as though it is - and it probably is - second nature.

Skills/Abilities: Aside from the obvious two, namely being able to appear exactly as a man desires and lure him in with a beautiful song, Cordella is rather skilled in the art of obtaining information. Not only does she collect things she deems rare or valuable (such as books, maps, small artifacts and trinkets, all kept in a small private 'library' of hers) but she will also use her in-built skills to find out information for people who come to her, for the right price. Depending on what the person wants to know from another, she may 'charge' anywhere between some beautiful jewelry to an actual man to serve her.

Upon receiving payment, she will disguise herself to gain access to the target, and seduce them into telling her what she has been commissioned to find out.

Weaknesses/Flaws: Her greed and willingness to go back on a deal for the right price is not something that makes Cordella very popular among those who know her reputation. Though she is middle-aged, and thus hardly inexperienced at using her Siren skills, she is cocky, and can be a little reckless, believing that she won't be discovered.


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Thanks to SpiritSai for her beautiful art!
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