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 Lyanti, [x] gemdrake || female
Name: Lyanti Sunshatter

Gender: Female.

Species: Dragon; gemdrake, western.

Relations: Serena (deceased): sister. Name: sister. Zane: son.

Appearance: A beautiful, pristine dragoness who is built like a greyhound. Long-bodied and slender, she is lithe and well muscled, formed from many long years in the wilds of both Evylon and Felnova. Her colors and horn structure vary through what gems she consumes, and by infusing such gems with her own aura, she's able to very quickly change appearance and element. However, she always retains her basic build, and a few features do not change.

Her facial structure always stays the same. She has a very narrow muzzle, and thin, delicate bones; her face is often framed in paper-thin scales shaped like feathers. Her wings are only partially webbed, and have the same scalefeathers down the leading edge. She constantly keeps her scales trim and polished no matter what element she chooses, and often appears like a solid crystal statute of smooth, sparkling gemstone. Her eyes are always a bright, fiery golden yellow, and their color never varies.

A list of her elements and appearances appears as thus:

Ruby - fire || Lyanti affects a deep, gleaming crimson, with purple in the shadows and gold in her highlights. Her horns are long and swept back, graceful and smooth.

Sapphire - water || Lyanti affects a variety of blues, from deep royals to light blues; hints of red can be seen here and there, should she consume a red sapphire along with the others after eating an auragem. Her horns are connected by thin webbing, which trails down her spine to her tail.

Aquamarine - ice || A least favorite, Lyanti affects a very light blue and very rough, jagged texture to her scales that seems to resist polishing and cutting. Her horns jut outwards and up, like spines of ice.

Emerald - earth || Lyanti affects a very large variety of greens, with a dark green heart. One of her boldest colors, and exceptionally bright, it is a favorite for appearance if not element. Her horns become textured like wood, though retain their startling green coloration.

Amethyst - wind || Possibly her second favorite after diamond, Lyanti affects a beautiful range of light purples and blues, accented with clear scales and cloudy whites. Her horns and spines are branched like antlers, and are smooth and hard to the touch.

Topaz - lightning || Lyanti affects a deep gold and yellow coloration, accented with deep browns and oranges. Her horns and spines jut outwards and are much thinner and more numerous than other forms. They arc constantly with electricity.

Diamond - light; offense || By far her favorite form. Lyanti affects a beautiful, glittering, clear set of smooth scales that sparkle with faint colors, reflecting everything around. Her horns are twisted extravagantly, and her spines flare out in curves that protect her neck and back.

Opal - light; defense || Though liked less than her diamond form, this is a common one she likes to take, often used when visiting her son. Her scales turn into a white base shimmering and shining with iridescent opalescence, glinting all colors of the rainbow. Her horns are smaller and much plainer than her other forms.

Onyx - shadow || A form she has only taken one time before - Lyanti affects dark scales of blackness deeper than the night, metallic as polished metal. Her horns curve forwards in clear threat, and her claws are longer and more deadly.

Other gemstones may change her appearance slightly, but do not affect her element nor elicit the complete change.

Personality: Aloof and arrogant, Lyanti fights for few other than herself. She is narcissistic and controlling, seeing everything as beneath her. To those she considers friends, she expects complete obedience, and often cannot abide the company of animals and humans that are not dragons for very long. She detests any dragon who has taken a rider, and actively disowned one of her own sisters for that very fact.

She will go nowhere where she has not had time to polish and trim her scales, and after an auragem has been consumed, may spend hours upon hours making sure that every scale is fitted and smooth, nothing out of place. She hates being dirty, and grooms herself often, if not in the company of another dragon to do it for her. Prim and proper, she walks with an air of graceful nobility, looking down her nose at all who pass.

Abilities: The nature of her elemental capabilities lay within reiatsu-charged gemstones she carries in a special vault located within the Void - she is one of the few who has been able to freely access the Void in this way, and is able to pull her gems as if out of thin air. Her elements and capabilities, based on gemstones, is listed below.

Ruby - fire || Hot, intense flame. She cannot sustain such fire for long, but enjoys creating fireballs between her paws and sending them off to explode behind enemy lines.

Sapphire - water || Control and manipulation of water. Her favorite thing to do is create darts of water from falling rain, and sending them into enemies' eyes, or creating waves from existing water sources to send crashing down on an enemy's head.

Aquamarine - ice || Though she has very little experience with ice, she is able to breathe a cloud of subzero temperatures that may frost over or freeze things in its path.

Emerald - earth || Lyanti is able to summon vines and grow plants in this form; however, she knows little else. Rocks and earthquakes do not interest her, though flowers and trees do.

Amethyst - wind || One of the elements she is most proficient in, and often the one she uses when traveling great distances without the use of portals. She uses it both as a speed boost, and an avenue to summon gusts of offensive wind, as well as to control air currents and thermals to guide flight or throw flying enemies off balance.

Topaz - lightning || Most often used for physical confrontations, or things she thinks may become physical encounters, due to this form's statically charged electrical field. She has the ability to spit lightning, as well, though this drains her to a great degree.

Diamond - light; offense || Her favorite and most preferred element. She can create bright, blinding flashes, white light fire, and blasts of pure light, as well as make her scales glow as a fallen star. Physical attacks can be infused with light energy, such as her claws, tail, and horns.

Opal - light; defense || Used for barriers, illusion, and healing. Though she cannot focus light into offensive attacks, she is fond of creating illusions to throw chasing enemies off a specific trail.

Onyx - shadow || She has no experience with the element of darkness.

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