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» Zenobia, [x] halgian || female
Name: Zenobia Starfall

Age: 237 Years

Gender: Female

Race: Halgian

Alignment: Light

Appearance: Tall, slender, pale-skinned, and often stoically regal of expression. Her eyes are a gleaming silver shade, and her long hair, which is typically worn in an elaborate style, is pure white. She prefers to dress in dresses and gowns of glistening mother of pearl, adorned with silver jewelry inset with white diamonds.

Personality: She tends to present a cold, regal facade to others when acting on official business, and holds herself to a high standard of behavior. This has led to some strained relations with some of her past friends, something she regrets deeply, and makes it hard for others to get to know her personally.

In those rare moments when she doesn't have to present a public face, she is generally laid back, if a bit adventurous. Were she not bound by her duties, she would love to see what lies beyond the borders of the Halgian Empire, and of Evylon. Personally, and privately, she believes most dark creatures can be redeemed to the light, but won't hesitate to act against any she feels are a threat to herself or her people.

Skills/Abilities: While light magic is her primary ability, she is adept with the sword. She is a fast, agile fighter well-versed in using sword and magic in close accord. With her light magic, she can focus a beam of light powerful enough to pierce armor and shields, or broad enough to banish shadows. Her most powerful ability is to conjure a blazing ball of light in the air, and send it plummeting down to the ground like a comet. While highly destructive, it leaves her drained, and she prefers to be more precise.

Weaknesses/Flaws: While she isn't as prejudiced against dark creatures to the same extent as the more zealous Halgians, she does view them as enemies to safety and prosperity. This can lead her to make assumptions or judge others unfairly.
Halgian that she is, she is physically weaker than most other species, and any dark magics that reach her would cause her extreme harm.

History: Born to a noble family of high standing, Zenobia learned from a young age the arts of governance, war, politics, magic, and etiquette, shaping her into the ruler she would one day be, whether it be over a city, or even over the entire empire itself. She was eventually bonded to a dragon, and briefly served alongside Imperials to better understand military structure before returning home, gaining experience and prestige as the day when a new Emperor or Empress would be elected drew ever nearer.
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