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» Atticus, [x] halgian || male
Name: Atticus

Gender: Male

Species: Halgian

Appearance: A tall, young Halgian man with long, golden hair worn down or in a braid, Atticus is a disenchanter with bright, silvery blue eyes. He often wears white tunics and robes with lightweight, divine metal bracers and pauldrons, though he keeps a full set of armor at his home in secret. Most often, he'll wear a small, rather plain circlet on his forehead, and an earring or two, though he doesn't like to express his wealth openly.

Unclothed, Atticus bears scars that crisscross from ankle to mid-thigh upon his left leg, as well as several lighter scars on his right wrist. Though he's loathe to talk about it, he will be truthful when pressed - that the scars came from a demonic bear he was chased down by when he was younger, on a failed adventure he wasn't ready for.

In his full armor, on the rare occasion he wears it, he is resplendent in full plate armor white as snow, engraved with swirling designs and spells of protection. The helm is winged, and the same design of spread feathers is echoed on his breastplate and back, as well as his gauntlets and boots. Though not nearly as decorative as the many paladins of Imperial renown, Atticus is quite proud of the armor, as he oversaw its making and commissioned its design.

Personality: A rather carefree and easygoing individual on the surface, Atticus is nevertheless a conflicted soul beneath. He is kind and generous, often to a fault, and isn't a stranger to the poorer folks for his coin and food. He's incredibly loyal to the Empress, and was once a great friend to her, though the relationship has since become distant and strained. Dedicated to his job, he is a practiced healer, and is widely recognized by the city as one of the best in what he does.

However, Atticus longs for a more exciting life - however, he is too nervous and afraid to go and seek one out. He wants to quit being a simple disenchanter and become an adventurer, to wander the Realms and find new places.

Abilities: As a Halgian, and a disenchanter, his hold over light has the potential to be very great. Not only is he able to take cursed items and remove their various enchantments, but he is also skilled at removing curses or diseases from afflicted individuals. He has yet to use his abilities offensively, and his conjuring of defensive shields needs some work, though he has dabbled in traditional healing and simple constructs of light.

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"you do know I have the worst memory in the high desert right"
"that's a lie, you just fill your memory with all things BTACD related"
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