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» Romulus, [x] dragon || male
Name: Romulus

Age: 90

Gender: Male

Race: Dragon

Alignment: Neutral Light

Appearance: A lithe, somewhat slender white dragon with four great, feathery wings. Gold highlights adorn the leading edges of his wings, his shoulders, hips, and form a solid line down his back and tail. His feet resemble those of a bird of prey, and the base and tip of his tail sport feathers. Golden horns adorn his head, as well as a crest of black feathers. He has brilliant, light blue eyes.

Personality: Romulus is an obsessive hoarder, but his interests are eccentric at best. Unlike most dragons, he collects oddities that interest him, such as ornate clothing and furniture, oddly shaped rocks or crystals, or anything else that happens to strike his fancy.

Normally even-tempered, if rather light-hearted, he can often get distracted if he spots something he finds interesting, even with a rider on his back. While generally good-natured, laws tend to mean little to him.

Skills/Abilities: A swift, agile flyer, Romulus possesses keen eyesight and an almost uncanny understanding of aerodynamics, allowing him to pull off some truly amazing aerial maneuvers. His magical skills are varied between light, air, and lightning, although his control over lightning isn't the greatest.

Weaknesses/Flaws: Romulus' scales aren't as hard or resilient as some dragons possess, and his lighter build can work against him in a direct confrontation. If he's not careful, any lightning he conjures can go wild, and become a danger to friend or foe alike, including himself. His attention and focus can wander at times, leading him astray from a pre-planned course of action.

History: Hatched in Khankirae, Romulus grew up without the benefit of living under widely established law. As a result, he never developed any real incentive to follow such things. He spent several decades wandering here and there, gathering oddities and increasing his unusual hoard. Eventually, he took to observing a band of sky pirates who had dragons among their ranks, and eventually began following them. Wary at first, they began to tolerate, then accept him. However, full acceptance didn't come until he recovered a heavy chest full of gold coins during a frantic raid, and promptly dumped out the coins in favor of taking the ornate chest instead, much to the delight of the pirates.

With the recent loss of Wrex's dragon Boros, Romulus has taken to serving as the panther xeriin's mount, according to Vaun's directive.
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