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» Gila, [x] dragon || male
Name: Gila

Age: 120 Years

Gender: Male

Race: Dragon (Western)

Alignment: Light

Appearance: Gila has gleaming amethyst-purple scales covering his body, with bronze scales on the underside of his neck, his belly, and the underside of his long, tapering tail. Bronze highlights are present on his shoulders, hips, and spinal ridge. Two bronze-colored horns adorn his head, and his claws are the same bronze shade. His wing membranes are a lighter shade of purple. His eyes are a soft yellow color, and his features are slightly rounded. However, his most outstanding physical feature is his physical size. He is only barely larger than a Feylizard, small enough to perch on a humanoid's shoulder despite being full grown.

Personality: Gila is almost relentlessly upbeat and cheerful, and almost insatiably curious. He loves experiencing new things, and can find wonder in even the most mundane things. Unfortunately, this can sometimes lead him to distraction. His cheerful nature allows him to roll with any teasing or joking directed at him, and he'll be quick to respond in kind. He lacks any firm grasp of social etiquette, and treats royalty or similarly high-ranked people just the same as he would anybody else. He is unfailingly loyal to his friends.

Skills/Abilities: He is one of those extremely rare individuals blessed with White Reiatsu. He can travel between Realms like an Ether, and can see and interact with Ether Spirits because of it. This reiatsu also allows him to circumvent otherwise impassable barriers that would prevent normal portals from opening, even into Kurai or the Soul Plane

He is capable of physically entering his own mindscape, and bringing others into it as well. While inside his mind, he has great control over the scape within it, and can conjure up almost anything he can imagine, although anything magical will be limited by his own power. If he draws people into his mindscape, he can transport them somewhere before releasing them back into the physical world. He can draw items stored within his mindscape into the physical world at will.

He is highly proficient with light magic, and wind magic. Unusually, he can bend light around himself to hide himself from view, and his power over wind allows him to reach great speeds while flying.

Weaknesses/Flaws: His tiny size places him at an extreme disadvantage in physical fights, forcing him to rely on magic and agility. His mindscape abilities are very draining, and the more people he carries in his mind, the more taxing it is. Should he run out of energy, any living being within his mind would be expelled in a random location nearby. Unwilling people are difficult if not impossible to pull into his mindscape, particularly if they are more powerful than he is.

History: Gila has spent much of his life exploring the Realms, even wandering into Kurai and the Soul Plane without worry, unconcerned about the happenings in the Realms. However, when Chamenos and Kairn both threatened the Realms in a short period of time, Gila felt he could no longer stand by and do nothing. And since Vystriana was at the forefront of the efforts to defeat both Kairn and Chamenos, he decided to throw his lot in with them, and wound up joining the Knights of the Raven shortly before the Faction of Hope began their revolt.
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