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» Kyrelia, [x] dragon/demon || female
Name: Kyrelia

Age: 1 Year, 2 Months

Gender: Female

Race: Dragon Royal/Demon

Alignment: Neutral-Light

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Personality: Quiet and observant, Kyrelia tends to keep her thoughts to herself. But,while she can come across as shy or introverted, she won't hesitate to speak her mind if she feels she needs to, and once she's made up her mind about something, she will stubbornly refuse to change it. She possesses a lot of curiosity about the world, and is prone to seeking to explore even when forbidden. However, she doesn't mean to cause trouble, and will generally obey her mother's commands without argument.

Due to the continued depredations against dragon-kind by the Faction, she has started to develop a sense of wariness towards humanoids. While she knows not all humanoids have joined the Faction, knowing what they've done, and the fact that she and her brother got whisked away to Millirand to escape them has left its mark on her.

Skills/Abilities: She is still learning, but she has started to demonstrate aptitude with water, air, and metal manipulation. She is likewise learning how to manipulate her reiatsu. As a Royal, she has the ability to shift into a humanoid form, and the potential to learn how to manipulate all elements.

Weaknesses/Flaws: Young as she is, she's still inexperienced, and her youthful curiosity can lead her into situations that can be dangerous. Her wariness towards humanoids means she doesn't put as much time or effort into learning how to shift as she probably should.

History: Young as she is, she doesn't have a lot of history to her yet. The continuing onslaught of the Faction of Hope caused her mother Verridith to lead her and Bastien to safety with Fate, who was to be the tutor for the young Royals. But now that she's had some time to sit and think, there are some questions in her mind that she wants answered.
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