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 Fyrendrang, [x] dragon || male
Name: Fyrendrang

Age: Ancient

Gender: Male

Race: Heartwoodian Red

Alignment: Neutral Dark

Appearance: Fyrendrang is a very large example of his breed, standing over five times the height of an average Heartwoodian Red. His scales are a bright, fiery red, with his wing membranes, belly scales, and horns being a vivid, blazing orange. His eyes are a fiery gold color. Sharp horns jut from his jaw line, the backs of his elbows and ankle joints, and run down the length of his spine. On top of that, each of his scales has a protruding spike on it, capable of shredding almost anything that runs against them the wrong way.

Personality: A particularly fierce member of a fierce race, Fyrendrang is a very proud dragon, and possesses a fiery temper. At times in the past, arousing his fiery wrath resulted in burnt craters left behind in his wake. If he feels he has been wronged or slighted in any way, he won't hesitate to burn anything in his path to wreak vengeance upon the perpetrator.

However, his extreme age has started to take its toll on his mind, and he is prone to bouts of forgetfulness. These days, if angered, he's likely to wind up forgetting why he was angry in the first place while he vents his rage on his surroundings, or just engages in an angry rambling for a while, provided the source of his anger is small or petty enough.

If approached by a respectful individual, or someone who amuses him, he can be safe to be around, even outright hospitable in his own way. However, if he loses interest in them, or they manage to stir his anger, they may find themselves in danger, direct or indirect.

Skills/Abilities: His control over fire is immense, forged and refined over many millenia. Not only is he utterly immune to fire magics, he is healed by fire in all of its forms, as long as it is pure. Fire mixed with other elements won't heal him. He can manipulate fire to burn away enchantments, reduce all but the most powerful artifacts to slag, and turn fortresses to molten mounds of melted stone. His fire breath can be used in several ways. A typical, sweeping torrent of flames, a focused beam capable of smashing through stone, and a viscous spray of lava.

His very aura is capable of turning the area around him too hot for most humanoids to survive in, if he focuses on it. On top of that, he is large, physically powerful, and possesses scales thick and tough enough to protect him from most attempts to injure him, as a result of his great age.

Given enough time, generally weeks or months depending on the size of the magma chamber, he can awaken volcanoes by heating the magma beneath them, causing them to erupt, and one of the most powerful things he can do is fly high into the air, surround himself with a burning sphere of flames and reiatsu, and plummet to the earth as a very close imitation of a meteor, although doing so will leave him greatly dazed, drained, and disoriented, as well as potentially buried at the bottom of a crater.

Weaknesses/Flaws: His greatest weakness is his increasingly fragmented memory. He has a hard time remembering people he's met, especially when it comes to names, and sometimes forgets important happenings from his past. This, together with his often explosive temper, means his general vicinity is a potential disaster area.

Ice magic powerful enough to get past his natural defenses can inflict severe injuries upon him. On top of that, he has no great ability to defend himself against any ranged magic. Moreover, not only does fire mixed with other elements not heal him, if powerful enough it can overcome his resistances to it. Likewise, flying too high into cold air and remaining up there for too long can be harmful to him.

History: He was one of the first dragons hatched on Evylon, shortly after the realm's creation, and the first of the Heartwoodian Reds, making him one of the oldest creatures in all the realms. Since then, he has sired numerous offspring, establishing a stable, lasting lineage. Not content to live a life of seclusion like most of his descendants, he has remained active in exploring new realms. The only realms he has never been to are the Spirit Realms.

Over the millenia, he has gained a fierce reputation for his violent rages, and has largely enjoyed the respect (fear-induced or not) it has gained him, as well as the solitude when he settles in to a lair.

However, widely traveled as he was, he has taken to a more solitary life, and has painstakingly recorded what he can remember about his past upon stone walls deep within his lair, carving them deep into the rock, and glassing it to further preserve it. This period of solitude has lasted for a few centuries, leaving him largely unaware of what's been happening in the realms as of late. However, that is about to change, as his carvings are complete, and he has begun to feel the desire to travel the realms once more.
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