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» Erebus, [x] gryphon||male
Name: Erebus

Age: 120

Gender: Male

Race: Gryphon

Alignment: Light

Appearance: His head is that of a raven, and his body that of a panther. His forelegs resemble a bird's legs, and are tipped with sharp talons. His head, wings, and forequarters are covered in glossy black feathers, and the rest of his body is covered in blue-black fur. A large crest of feathers, which raise and lower in accordance with his mood, adorns his head. A group of feathers adorns the base of his tail, and another tuft of feathers grows from his tail tip. His eyes are a gleaming grey color, and his left hind paw is twisted and deformed from birth, leaving him with a prominent limp.

Personality: Despite his dark appearance, he enjoys spending time lying in the sunlight, and, around his fellow gryphons, is generally friendly and easygoing. He is highly intelligent and observant, and enjoys learning new things. In the face of danger, he is calm, and ready to face any foe for the good of the flight. Around strangers, he's more reserved, and prone to displaying a stoic demeanor.

When in combat, he tends to use a blend of magic and physical attacks, just as prone to engaging his foes head-on as he is ambushing them from the shadows. And he is perfectly willing to raise the bodies of the dead and send them against his enemies.

Skills/Abilities: As befits his dark coloring, he's highly attuned to dark magic, capable of blending in with any shadows, and absorbing any dark magics he comes in contact with without harm. He can physically shift into a shadow, or follow others into shadows and strike at them there. If he's in contact with another, he can transport them through shadows as well. He can also use darkness to perform a unique form of healing, using the darkness to purge toxins or diseases, while leaving the body to do the rest.

Aside from his dark magics, he is a necromancer. His aura can return the bodies of the dead to unlife, and these risen corpses are utterly fearless, relentless, and loyal. However, said corpses will only be physically capable of whatever physical feats the originals were capable of. While he can summon the spirits of the dead, actually returning them to life would require their body be intact, and their soul willing.

Weaknesses/Flaws: As attuned to darkness as he is, light magic is highly detrimental to him. Even healing magic doesn't have as much of an effect on him. He can also be a little too willing to place himself in harm's way in defense of his flight.

History: Erebus was born in a small flight in Alubria, only to wind up on his own in the aftermath of the Bloodreign War, with the few survivors of the flight disbanding and heading their own ways. He wound up joining up with the Anarya Flight in Stroen'na just in time for them to be driven from their homes by the Faction. He was one of the last gryphons to flee, using his powers to turn the dead, gryphon and Faction alike, against the aggressors before fleeing.
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