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 Reynard, [x] kitsune/xeriin || male
Name: Reynard


Gender: Male

Race: Kitsune/Myth-Kin Xeriin

Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: His usual appearance is of a fairly typical fox xeriin. Long, vulpine ears covered in ruddy fur, a fox-tail, and sharp features. His eyes are a brilliant yellow color, and his nails are almost claw-like. His hair is almost the same color as his fur. He tends to dress in knee-length trousers and comfortable tunics, typically green in color.

However, that appearance is an illusion. In reality, a pair of glossy black horns sprout from just beneath and behind his vulpine ears and curl backwards fro his head, and his tail is long, furry, and ends in a barb. His legs from the knee down have a covering of black scales and his feet resemble those of a sarka. His forearms are likewise covered in black scales and his hands end in vicious claws. Long, sharp eyeteeth extend from his jaws, and a pair of sarka wings extend from his back.

Personality: Reynard possess a highly cunning mind, and the heart of a trickster. He's a bit of a thrill-seeker, and thinks nothing of taking risks if it's for a thrill. However, there's no unearned malice to his mischief, and to those he considers his friends, or just interesting, he can be actively helpful.

However, beneath his often cheerful facade, he harbors a deep resentment towards those who would persecute his kind, or others. While his powers allow him to hide among the xeriin, he has in the past sabotaged their attempts to hunt down other myth-kin xeriin who weren't able to escape on their own, both for the thrill the threat of getting caught brought him, and because he didn't wish to see another of his kind get killed, as he identifies with his xeriin side more than his kitsune heritage.

Skills/Abilities: His sarka-xeriin heritage grant him extreme reflexes, and he's considerably stronger than he looks. His scaled limbs can be used to block or deflect weapons, and his claws are extremely sharp.

From his kitsune heritage, he has the power to craft illusions, and uses this power to blend in with normal xeriin. Aside from that, he also has the power to manipulate darkness, and teleport between any shadow big enough to completely cover him.

Weaknesses/Flaws: While his illusions are potent, they lack the same clarity as those of more powerful, multi-tailed kitsune. Also, his trickster nature can easily land him in tough spots, and if confronted by a more powerful individual, especially one skilled in light magic, he'd be at a distinct disadvantage.

History: Reynard has spent much of his life living among normal xeriin, concealed by his illusions, but he's long resented the need to hide what he truly is. As a result, he's done what he could to ensure any xeriin he's been living with failed to catch any myth-kin xeriin they encountered. A few times, he even went so far as to hide some of his fellow myth-kin in plain sight, concealed by illusions.

However, as word has reached him that more and more of the myth-kin xeriin have been found dead, he's felt a stronger and stronger urge to take stronger action to ensure the survival of his kind. To that end, he has carefully cultivated contacts with several individuals outside of Xaeri in the event there ever arises a need to leave the realm and have somewhere safe to stay.
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