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 Verthandi, [x] dragon || female
Name: Verthandi

Age: 20,000~

Gender: Female

Race: Dragon (Western)

Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: A large, silver-scaled dragoness with seven heads. Each head has several horns extending back from their skulls, and webbed crests run between these horns. Long frills run down the backs of her necks, and a series of bony, plate-like spikes run down her back to her tail tip. Similar ridges run across her wing edges, and a blade-like extension adorns her tail tip. Her eyes are a cold green shade, as are her tongues.

Personality: To casual observers, Verthandi appears to be coldly aloof and dispassionate, even emotionless. She barely ever notices people nearby, and when she does respond to others, she comes across as uncaring even in the face of tragedy.

However, the truth is far more complex. Her mind is divided between each of her heads, loosely connected into a gestalt entity. Her total awareness spans across the realms in the past, present, and future. Most beings are ephemeral to her, and observing most too closely can lead to them succumbing to madness as her mind brushes theirs.

Skills/Abilities: Verthandi is an extremely capable Seer. Each of her heads peer unceasingly across the Realms and through time, even across the veil into the spirit realms, independently of the others. Present events unfold before her like pieces on a game board, and she can gaze into the mists of the future with great precision, at least as far as major events go. While her awareness is barely ever upon her physical surroundings, attempts to attack her will draw her attention, and her prescience allows her to react accordingly, making prior preparations largely useless against her.

As languages have developed and changed over the ages, she has largely stopped speaking, preferring to use Mindspeech instead. This, however, has its drawbacks as the full truth of her existence can come through a mental link and destroy the minds of others as countless lifetimes from the beginning of the First Realm to events in the future surge forth.

However, this does render her totally immune to mind control or mind reading, as her minds are myriad and filled with the memories of countless tragedies and disasters, and trying to control or probe her mind is one sure way to gain her full attention. On top of that, her reiatsu is powerful, and acts as a shell between her minds and the minds of others, mainly for their safety, and she is a large, powerful dragoness, highly attuned to lightning.

Weaknesses/Flaws: Her great power has left her completely alienated from normal existence. Her expanded view of reality has left her with a skewed perspective, largely unable to focus on herself as an individual. And, while she can shield others form her mind, if they remain near her for too long, this shielding will weaken, leaving them exposed to her memories and perspectives.

History: Verthandi has largely kept to herself as she wandered the realms, interacting with others when they sought her out for some reason or another. While she never actively turned anybody away, getting an answer most can understand out of her is difficult at best.

She was largely forgotten during the troubles on Millirand, and has been left largely in peace for several millenia as she watched events unfold and end. However, recent events in the Realms have drawn her attention, although these new happenings have provoked no great response any more than any others have.
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