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 Furzol, [x] xeriin || male
Name: Furzol

Age: 307

Gender: Male

Race: Xeriin

Alignment: Neutral Light

Appearance: Furzol is a Forest-Kin xeriin with monkey features. His feet are more like hands, complete with thumbs, his limbs are covered with blond-gold fur, and he has a long, prehensile tail. His facial features have only a vaguely simian influence. He is of average height for his kind, lithe and athletic, and often dressed in colorful, loose clothing.

Personality: Easy-going and light-hearted, Furzol is generally unflappable regardless of what he may witness, partly due to his phlegmatic personality, and partially due to his many decades spent wandering. While he tries not to get involved in any large-scale disputes, he will help any unfortunates who might happen to cross his path. Unlike most of his kind, he doesn't have any prejudices against Myth-Kin xeriin, instead reserving his prejudices against those species inclined to spreading misery and destruction.

Skills/Abilities: An itinerant bard, Furzol is well-versed with several instruments, from various flutes, stringed instruments, and drums. Having four hands, he can play as many as three at once. While relating some song or tale of heroism, drama, or comedy, he favors animated performances, often leaping about and even hanging from a tavern's rafters by his hand-feet.

If forced to resort to skill at arms to defend himself, he has a number of darts and throwing knives secreted in his sleeves and trousers, as well as three short swords he uses in a unique, unpredictable style utilizing all four of his hands and his tail together with his amazing agility. His reflexes are fast enough he can snatch a thrown dagger or arrow out of the air if he knows it's coming.

Weaknesses/Flaws: Like most of his kind, he lacks magic. And, not being a dedicated warrior, he doesn't wear any armor. His reluctance to get into fights often means he'll be initially forced on the defensive if a fight does start.

History: Born a few hundred years ago in the Lightgrove Forest, Furzol was apprenticed to a bard at a young age, and the two traveled together for a long time. Eventually, though, they went their separate ways.

Since he lacked any magic of his own, Furzol seized several opportunities to travel to other Realms, stopping in various inns and taverns to entertain folks and learn what he could about the realms he was traversing. However, always his journey brought him back to Xaeri.

Thus far, he hasn't gotten involved in any major happenings in the Realms, aside from offering a few travelers what aid he could.
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