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 Fulvous, [x] dragon || male
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Name: Fulvous

Age: Ancient

Gender: Male

Race: Gemdrake

Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: In overall configuration, he looks like a fairly typical western dragon, if quite large, standing over forty feet at his shoulder. But beyond that, the resemblance fades. Ancient gemdrake that he is, he appears to be made entirely of fire opals, primarily various shades of orange, with yellow and red highlights spread across his frame. His eyes are a bright amber color, and lack pupils, making them hard to discern in his face. Three large horns adorn the top of his head, curving slightly upward from the back of his skull, and a ridge of short spikes runs down his neck to the base of his tail, which ends in a large, spiked, club-like terminus. His features and overall appearance are heavyset.

Human form: In human form, Fulvous appears to be a tall, heavyset, middle-aged human with sun-darkened skin which would otherwise be pale, short brown hair slicked back off of his head, amber eyes, and clean-shaven jowls. He tends to wear opulent clothing adorned with opals, as well as an elaborate cane which he carries as a fashion statement (and blunt instrument in times of need.)

Personality: Decadent and hedonistic, Fulvous is primarily concerned with what will most entertain himself, whether it be with some new, exotic delicacy, exquisite piece of art, pursuits of leisure, or the chance to frustrate the plans of people he views as foolish. While he gives the impression of being a rich layabout, he possesses a keen mind.

He enjoys toying with others, walking a fine line between polite and condescending if he agrees to meet them face to face. He'll often keep his draconic heritage a secret from strangers, and as a result, very few beyond his closest servants know he's a dragon. However, despite his often fickle interests and behavior, he will always honor his word. If his wrath is aroused, he will commit all of the resources at his disposal to destroying the object of his fury.

Skills/Abilities: Shifter gene. Capable of taking on a humanoid appearance. Owns or controls a large number of lucrative businesses across the realms, and employs a vast network of informants who keep him informed of noteworthy happenings. While he pays well for any information passed to him, most of the reports are given only cursory inspections, then ignored. While he isn't as well defended in his human form, he is still far faster and stronger than normal, and capable of tearing a mythkin apart with his bare hands.

Despite his apparent sloth, and heavyset body, he is surprisingly quick, strong, and nimble, as he takes great care to remain in good shape, being able to keep pace with dragons a fraction of his size, and hold his own against many who are larger than he. While he lacks any elemental affinity, he can use his reiatsu to shield himself, or to lash out at foes from a distance. His scales reflect magic like a mirror reflecting light, and act as effective armor.

Weaknesses/Flaws: The magically reflective nature of his scales means healing magic of any kind won't work on him. His hedonistic lifestyle makes him prone to manipulation by people who can offer him entertainment, and even if he knows what they're up to, if entertained enough he'll go along with it. Should he grow bored with some endeavor another, he will lose interest, and get distracted. Also, in his humanoid form, he will lose the defenses his scales grant him.

History: Hatched a long, long time ago, back when Millirand was still young. He indulged in fire opals, and hoarded his shed gems until he reached adulthood, whereupon he started to trade for gems from other gemdrakes. As the years passed, he grew to more deeply understand how trade worked, and for many years, lived the life of a merchant, taking advantage of his shifting ability.

As the centuries passed, he sought more and more ways to use his wealth, as simply growing wealthy had lost its glamour. He indulged in acts of philanthropy, and spent money hatching conspiracies and taking over other merchant enterprises, for a (relatively) brief time controlling a business empire more powerful than many mortal kingdoms.

But even that grew to bore him, and, although he remained wealthy and influential, his holdings shrank and splintered as more ambitious merchants maneuvered their way in. He took to a heavily decadent, hedonistic life, withdrawing into an opulent palace he had built for himself on an island in Millirand. Although it's been a few centuries since he last emerged, recent events have drawn his attention. However, he remains aloof for the moment, content to observe from his palace, and secure informants within the ranks of the various powers at odds with one another.
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