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 Nirahx, [x] dragon || male
Name: Nirahx

Age: Ancient

Gender: Male

Race: Lunar Dragon/Gurtha

Alignment: Light-Neutral

Appearance: A massive, skeletal beast with tattered patches of scales still clinging to his body. His limbs are longer than the bodies of most dragons. His wing membranes are a bit ragged, and running from the top of his skull all the way down to the tip of his tail, a thin, scaly, blue-black hide drapes across his gaunt form, spreading across his shoulders and back to conceal his rib-cage, which is large enough to contain a few normal-sized dragons. His bones are constantly surrounded by the flickering, pale blue flames of his reiatsu, although these flames burn according to how much energy he has. During the day, or when he's severely drained, they fade to the point of invisibility.

Personality: Despite his long years, he retains a youthful personality. Easy-going and often curious, and a bit forgetful at times as well as a bit clumsy, he greatly misses the things he's lost, like being able to taste food, and the feel of wind and water. But, despite that, he generally remains optimistic, and given how much he's lost, zealously guards his friends, and what few possessions he has.

However, at times, particularly during battle, his consciousness fades, leaving little more than a ruthless, merciless, brutal killing machine, dauntlessly obeying the commands of whomever he's committed himself to. However, at times, he will blank out, and seemingly withdraw into himself, becoming unresponsive to others.

Skills/Abilities: First and foremost, his undead nature render him amazingly resilient. No illness or toxin of any kind will faze him, no weapons can injure him as his bones re-knit themselves under the light of the moon, and most magics designed to cause direct injury will leave him unfazed. The trauma of his death is deeply ingrained into his psyche to such an extent that all but he most powerful psions will be unable to get past the feelings of agony that fill his last living memory. Also, if he is somehow knocked into pieces, he can reassemble himself, given enough time and energy.

His physical strength is enormous, leaving him capable of ripping all but the largest or toughest of foes in two, and his reiatsu can be used to imitate real fire, only targeting the minds and souls instead of the bodies of its victims, leaving unmarked corpses behind. He can also manipulate darkness and ice to high degrees.

Exposure to moonlight empowers him, as will simply being outside at night, although to a lesser extent. Also, since he lacks muscles and internal organs, he can contort and wriggle his way into smaller places than anyone could reasonably expect.

Weaknesses/Flaws: He relies completely on his reiatsu to function. If forced beyond his limit, or exposed to too much sunlight, he will collapse until he's had sufficient time to regenerate his energy. And, being undead, a powerful necromancer could, at least for a while, take control of his body. He also lacks any sensation of touch, which often leads him to cause unintended destruction to his surroundings, especially if he's in a new area. There are large gaps in his memories, especially concerning his living days, and his death.

History: Hatched in Ki-Lia in Millirand, Nirahx's early life as largely unexceptional, aside from his great size. He grew fast, and soon towered over a good many dragons in the city. However, before he reached his second century of life, Ki-Lia was assaulted and destroyed, and despite his great size, he was surrounded and ripped to shreds.

But his story didn't end there.

The lingering magic in the fallen city reunited his soul with his body, after a fashion, and he rose to serve once more. Mindlessly, he waged a personal war from the ruins of Ki-Lia, striking at the serpents at night, and returning to the ruins during the day to rest, regenerate, and wait for orders that never came.

Struggling to come to terms with his reemerging will, and his new unlife, he wavered in and out of full consciousness as the years turned into decades, centuries, and millenia. Eventually, he decided to leave Millirand, and venture into other realms, not hesitating to venture to even the most reputedly dangerous of them since he was already dead.

However, after a long while, he returned to Millirand, and one day, while he lay comatose under the light of the sun, he was captured and sealed by some of the humanoids of that realm, and remained buried beneath the earth for centuries. Eventually, however, part of his tomb eroded away, exposing him to the light of the moon, and he stirred once more.
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