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» Vadimas, [x] human/elemental || male
Name: Vadimas

Age: 128

Gender: Male

Race: Human/Elemental (Aura)

Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: Tall and regal in bearing, Vadimas wears long, well-tailored, hooded robes, stout gloves, leather boots, and a metal mask crafted to resemble a solemn human face, silver in color. Eyes lacking visible pupils glow white-gold from within, blazing with his powerful aura. Concealed beneath his clothing, his flesh is riddled with decay, withering beneath the constant onslaught of his own aura, unable to contain his power.

Personality: Cold, calculating, and reserved, Vadimas is prone to speaking his mind whenever he feels something needs to be said. He can come across as callous, even cruel at times, but he lacks any overt malice. A strong believer in the value of law and order, he holds himself to a rigid code of behavior.

Skills/Abilities: His elemental heritage grants him an extremely powerful reiatsu, capable of causing widespread destruction. He can focus this aura to strengthen his magic, and boost his physical abilities to inhuman levels, rendering him capable of facing off with dragons and demons without any problems.

On top of that, he is a very skilled sorcerer, well-versed in a large variety of non-elemental spells, including rune-lore, necromancy, and spirit-walking. He can also form his reiatsu into physical objects, and manipulate his physical surroundings with it.

His body is bound together with runes, effectively rendering him immortal, and unable to be killed by conventional means.

Weaknesses/Flaws: His body is a wreck, held together by runes, leaving him in constant pain. If those runes were to ever be undone, his physical body would be consumed by his aura. And the more energy he burns, the greater the pain he feels.

History: Born from the union between a human woman and an aura elemental, Vadimas quickly showed signs of the immense power that would prove to be both a blessing and a curse to his existence. To make certain he wouldn't be a danger to himself or others, he was taken in by the Mages' Guild, and quickly rose through the ranks.

Eventually, as his body withered beneath the relentless onslaught of his reiatsu, he forged rune-etched bands to keep himself together, strengthening and refining them as time passed. He remained aloof from the affairs of the Realms, only acting to defend himself, taking no active role when the Faction of Hope rose in rebellion against Verridith.

Until the day Albronel was assaulted, and overrun.

Bearing first-hand witness to Gilgamesh's indiscriminate slaughter of rebel and loyalist alike, he felt he couldn't ignore what he saw as rampant injustice on the part of those remaining loyal to Verridith, particularly when she apparently abandoned her followers, and promptly joined the Faction.

Despite knowing Felnova was doomed without Verridith or her progeny, he feels things might be better if Felnova should fall into ruin than continue under an unworthy ruler.
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