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 Wrex, [x] xeriin || male
Name: Wrex

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Race: Xeriin (Leopard)

Alignment: Light-Neutral

Appearance: Wrex is of average height for a xeriin, sinewy of build, and tanned of complexion. His eyes are distinctly feline, the color of polished amber. His hair is dark, and grows from the top of his head, the back of his neck, and between his shoulder blades, resembling a small mane. It looks black, but close inspection reveals darker, almost black rosettes among dark grey hair. His legs are feline in appearance, digitigrade and fur-covered, and his feline tail is long and thick. The nails on his hands are claw-like, retractable, and close to an inch in length when extended. His feline ears are rounded, and set high on his head. His eye teeth closely resemble those of a leopard. He prefers loose trousers and sleeveless tunics.

Personality: While Wrex is generally affable and easy going, quick to grin or laugh at his brother's antics, he is often taciturn and stoic otherwise, prone to spending time alone in silent reveries. While he's usually level-headed, his temper, when roused, is fierce and often violent. During a fight, he is highly perceptive, and very aggressive, using his speed and strength to overwhelm his opponents.

However, with the recent death of his dragon, Boros, during a fight gone sour, he's become even more stoic, and less prone to cracking a smile. At the same time, he's become more reckless in battle, and quicker to anger.

Skills/Abilities: Wrex is very agile, light on his feet, and stronger than his lithe build would suggest. These traits, together with his quick reflexes, make him a dangerous foe in a fight. In battle, he wields a falchion and katar in tandem, combining the heavy-bladed slashes of the former and the powerful thrusts of the latter with lethal effect.

His senses, particularly sight and hearing, are highly developed, and he can move without a sound, padding on feline paws. He is likewise a fast runner, capable of overtaking most bipeds on foot, and capable of jumping over many obstacles.

Weaknesses/Flaws: Often reckless in battle, especially after losing Boros, and quick to anger. Aside from Vaun's, he has a hard time accepting authority. Sometimes, in battle, he'll fall victim to a berserker's rage, only barely able to discern between friend and foe.

History: Before joining Vaun's gang of pirates, his life was fairly lacking in what he would call excitement. This was one of the primary reasons for his decision to join his brother in the life of a pirate, as was the thought of soaring through the skies on the back of a dragon.

He bonded with Boros, a stolid, rock-steady young Bronze, and the two often spent time just sitting in silence, enjoying the quiet, and whatever view there might be. But, tragically, Boros was killed during a fight, and Wrex was left to deal with the shock of losing the dragon's constant, steady presence.

He has since taken to riding on the back of another dragon, but they have yet to form a real bond.
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