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 Ahndra'ste, [x] sarka || female
Name: Ahndra'ste

Age: 1,207

Gender: Female

Race: Sarka

Alignment: Neutral Dark

Appearance: Her scales are a dark blue-black, the color of a starless sky. Standing 12 feet tall at her shoulder, she is taller than average for a sarka, and measures sixty three feet in length. Otherwise, she has all of the typical sarka features. Narrow, angular head, sharp fangs, massive talons, large eyes, more talons on the leading flight-edge of her wings, and a wicked, venomous barb on the end of her tail. Numerous scars mar her scales, gained from claws, fangs, and various weapons.

Personality: Ahndra'ste is unusual for a sarka. Unlike the vast majority of her species, she possesses a keen interest in the workings of the world, as well as the history of the realms. As far as she's concerned, a life spent hunting, fighting, and killing is a wasted one. She possesses keen insight, and tends to seek logical motivations for her actions and decisions.

However, sarka that she is, she has only the vaguest concept of social interaction, and her keen mind does nothing to quell her savage instincts. But, instead of focusing her bloodlust on dragons, she harbors a deep resentment towards snakekind, stemming from Snayc's betrayal of the sarkas during their alliance. She also views most sarkas with irritated contempt.

Although she spent years refusing to admit it, she came to the realization that fortune, or favor, had a long-standing tendency to see Vystriana emerge victorious against even the greatest of odds. Chamenos, Kairn, Snayc, all had opposed Vystriana and failed. With that in mind, she joined her mate Taliesin when he swore his allegiance to Vystriana. But, despite this, she still retains an instinctive disdain for dragons, although she has turned her efforts to proving herself their mental equal, if not superior, rather than physical.

Despite his draconic heritage, she is highly devoted to Taliesin. While she originally viewed him as an amusing companion, as well as a means to her allegiance to Vystriana, she has come to view him as something more.

Skills/Abilities: A savage, aggressive fighter, Ahndra'ste uses all of her natural weapons to deadly effect in combat, or when hunting, always aiming to end a fight as quickly as possible. She possesses a savage strength, and can strike with brutal force, and blinding speed. She is also a fast, powerful flyer, and skilled hunter. She has mastered phasing, and like all of her kind, possesses a deadly, lethal, screeching roar, as well as a toxic barb on the end of her tail.

Her fighting style perfectly compliments her mate's, emphasizing strength and ferocity at close range in contrast to his agility, speed, and magic.

Weaknesses/Flaws: She lacks magic of any kind, and, aside from a stubborn resilience, no resistance to magical persuasion or poisons of any kind. She also lacks any real concept or experience with social interactions. She is also mildly averse to bright sunlight.

History: For several centuries since hatching, Ahndra'ste lived a typical life for a sarka, hunting and fighting, but she took every chance she could to satisfy her curiosity, often questioning her victims at length before killing them. Or, if they impressed her with their wit or knowledge, letting them go once they'd told her everything they knew.

Eventually, she joined her kind when they flew to war alongside Snayc and his serpents, only for him to turn on them. Severely wounded during the ensuing slaughter, she harbored a deep resentment against all snakekind ever since, and often killed them whenever and wherever she encountered them.

Eventually, she encountered Taliesin on Millirand. Having never seen a Circadian before, she questioned him at length before deciding to join him on his quest for knowledge. He was both her way off of Millirand, and the means by which she would gain admittance into Vystriana's allegiance, as she had come to the conclusion that opposing the true Vystrians would be ultimately futile.
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