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 Taliesin, [x] circadian dragon || male
Name: Taliesin

Age: 4,820

Gender: Male

Race: Circadian Dragon (Pure)

Alignment: Light Neutral

Appearance: In many ways, Taliesin is a typical Circadian, if a bit larger than average. He stands six feet tall at his shoulder, and measures sixty feet in length. His scales are a blue shade, and vary between vivid sky-blue during the day, and deep indigo at night. Short, webbed wings, with feathery leading edges, sprout from his shoulders and hips, and a V-shaped group of nine amethyst gems adorn his chest. Two similar gems adorn the base of his white-tufted tail. A brilliant, snowy-white mane runs from the crown of his head to the middle of his shoulder blades. A prominent crown stands proudly upon his head. Gleaming gold in the day time, and glistening silver by night, another amethyst rests in its center. Long, expressive ears, tipped with feathers and covered with fur, extend from his head. His eyes are large, and lack pupils. Their coloring matches the shade of his crown.

In his humanoid form, he resembles an elf, fair and beautiful of feature, and olive of complexion. However, he retains his crown, albeit on a smaller scale, his large ears, and the gems on his chest. His eyes, though they gain pupils, retain their exotic shading. He tends to wear robes of various shades of blue in this form.

Personality: About half of the time, he is calm, open, and generally care-free. However, his eyes reveal a keen, penetrating intellect. He is highly perceptive, and possesses an endless thirst for knowledge and discovery. But, despite his general demeanor, he often displays amused condescension towards those he views as mentally lacking, particularly those in leadership positions, or advanced in age.

The other half of the time, he displays symptoms of being sun-struck and moon-mad. He displays flashes of frenetic activity, often losing track of his surroundings, or the presence of others nearby, even if spoken to, as well as spurts of paranoia and secretiveness. At other times, he tends to go through bouts of extremely eccentric behavior, driven by some twisted logic obvious to himself alone.

Skills/Abilities: He has a powerful intellect, and a strong will, making him hard to fool or manipulate by magical means. Since he flies via the use of magic, he can carry more than his short, slender body would suggest, and he is a strong, agile flier, fast, graceful, and able to reverse direction on a dime. Circadian that he is, his scales allow him to completely vanish from view no matter where he is.

He has control over light and darkness, and his power with them waxes and wanes with the dawn and dusk. He is also highly proficient with a large variety of hexes and curses, ranging from minor inconveniences to debilitating afflictions. Likewise, he is a powerful telekinetic, capable of binding creatures larger than himself in place, or hurling them about. His control over smaller objects is extreme.

In his human form, and in the air, he tends to wield chain weapons with devastating skill, aided by his magical skills. One of his greatest abilities is to enter a state of heightened awareness, wherein time seems to slow to a crawl. This allows him to consider his options or react to a threat even if taken fully by surprise, although he can move no faster than anyone else in this state.

In a fight, his fighting style perfectly complements his mate Ahndra'ste, emphasizing speed, precision, and magic to her strength, ferocity, and direct approach.

Weaknesses/Flaws: On the ground, he is hampered by his body build, and comes across as clumsy. Pure Circadian that he is, he will, when his body dictates, fall asleep wherever he might be, regardless of what he might be doing. These spells happen sporadically over the course of a day, equaling a few hours' worth of sleep.

His mental condition means he is prone to mood swings without warning, or apparent cause.

History: Hatched from the union between an Auroran and an Umbran, Taliesin quickly developed a desire to learn about the realms, and everything in them, as well as what might lie beyond. While he stayed with his clan for a few centuries, learning what he could, eventually he headed off on his own in pursuit of greater knowledge.

While exploring some of the ruins in Millirand, he met his eventual mate, Ahndra'ste, and, after a while, she decided to join him in his quest for knowledge.

His wanderings eventually took him to Vystriana, and he was enthralled by the knowledge gathered in the land's libraries. The lure of such gathered knowledge was enough to cause him to remain close to civilization, and, after further wandering, returned to Vystriana during the war against the Faction and serpents, and offered his services to Vystriana's true rulers.
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