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 Izlandi, [x] elf/xeriin || female
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Name: Izlandi

Age: Immortal

Species: Half Elf Half Xeriin


Appearance NOTE: It's not featured in her above picture, but Izlandi sports a pure obsidian wolf tail. This is inherited from her Xeriin bloodline. It also leaves her nails being more claw like as well. And fangs.

  • Calm/Collected - Unlike her twin most of the time. Izlandi likes to think things through very clearly. She is not one to just rush in head strong. In that aspect Izlandi is very calm. Not a lot of things can rile her up and if it does you're probably in for a rude awakening.
  • Loyal/Respect - Loyalty is also a huge aspect for her as is respect. You have to work relatively hard to gain these from Izlandi, but once you have them they are nigh unbreakable. Should Izlandi be betrayed by anyone it's more than likely they will never gain any of it back and they're listed on a 'black list' sort to say.
  • Trusting - If there is one thing Izlandi is not. It would be trusting. Her twin covers this fairly well on his part, but Izlandi does not quite fully open up to people instantly. To her there is always something that could potentially be hiding in the shadows about someone and she would rather figure it out before giving her trust to someone.
  • There is more to learn about her ICly if you wish.
Class: Summoner
  • Izlandi was a child when she discovered she could dabble in the art of summoning. She has practiced over the years to attempt perfecting her ability, but she dares not summon large creatures/entities in the fear of them turning on her. That has not gone to say that she wont try at some point, but for now she keeps her summons to the mid class creatures. Ones she knows she can handle should they turn against her. When she has more action ICly there will be a list of things she has/can summon here on BTACD
Elemental Type: Lightning
  • Spark - Has the ability to create small sparks that can jump from one object to another. This is not a very harmful spell. It's more so used if someone's annoying her. It will give them a decent shock, but otherwise leaves them unharmed outside of mild numbness in the spot a spark may have touched them.
  • Lightning Bolt - Very basic skill pertaining to lightning. With the ability to pull down a medium sized bolt from a storm and use it at her discretion it is probably one of Izlandi's main abilities. There are the rare occasions where she is capable of pulling lightning out of thin air, but this usually takes up far too much stamina so it is used sparingly if used at all.
  • Major Spark - Unlike it's smaller counterpart. Izlandi will fill the air with a powerful charge of electricity that can be used to disorient an enemy. It can usually numb an opponent or even cause great confusion. If used incorrectly the effects also apply to Izlandi.
  • Lightning Orb - With great concentration, Izlandi can summon lightning into the palm of her hand in a swirling ball as to which she can quite literally throw it at an opponent to cause medium damage including electrical burns, complete numbing in the area it hits, shortness of breath, and so on.
  • Lightning Storm - This is one of the few Major attacks Izlandi can pull off at the time being. Taking a great amount of concentration and stamina Izlandi can summon forth a barrage of lightning bolts to rain down on her enemy during any type of storm rolling through. This ability is not able to be used unless there is a storm nearby or present
  • Charge - Izlandi can imbue a weapon of her choosing with the electrical current of lightning. The charge lasts for a good 15 minutes before the effects wear off and she has to reapply the charge if she so chooses. If someone does not have the correct kind of handle on a weapon they are prone to being shocked themselves.
  • More to be possibly added should she discover them ICly

*Design created with a doll maker thingy

Can be found here at this moment
Can be found Here
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Can be found: No Where atm
Can be found: No where atm.

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