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» Xorinfael, [x] elf/xeriin || male
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Name: Xorinfael

Age: Immortal

Species: Half Elf Half Xeriin *Possesses the Shifter Gene passed from his Xeriin parent.

Risk-Taking: There's nothing more exciting for Xorinfael than taking a risk. Finding most things to be boring, Xorinfaelwill go out of his way to find something that is worth taking a risk for. Be it trying to jump from certain distances that has a very long fall between the platforms, or charging into battle with some random creature. Doesn't matter what it is. If it gives him an adrenaline rush and a thrill he's definitely up for it.

Trusting/Loyal: When it comes to trusting someone, Xorinfael can sway either way. If he has a good feel about you he will probably end up trusting you until said trust is broken. Should he feel disdain against you, or just got the wrong vibe there's no rethinking it. He will distrust you until you can prove otherwise. Xorinfael will sometimes base these trusting or not issues on his feelings of someone. Or the way the air feels around them. He is not too quick to trust, but that is not entirely the same with distrusting. It will often be easy for one that was first distrusted to gain trust from this elk, but should you gain his distrust by breaking previously given trust it's a hard task to receive back. This also ties into his more loyal side. If you manage to gain his trust he is loyal to a fault. There would be no way to lose his loyalty less you broke his trust. As for his twin, Izlandi, she will forever have his trust and loyalty.

Affectionate/Sympathetic: Never in his young life will Xorinfael be affectionate. If you try to be affectionate with you he will probably make a disgusted face at you and desperately try to get away. If you persist he is liable to kick you or stomp on you until you leave him alone with that nasty shit. Otherwise...it's a different story when he becomes an adult and things begin to change drastically for him. It's the same thing with sympathy. He will have very little of it as a child unless he really likes you, it's not until an adult and waaaaayy later in his adult age does he grow sympathy for others. This doesn't include Izlandi.

Altruistic: Another personality trait that Xorinfael will gain much later in his adult life. Unselfishly concerned for and devoted to the welfare of others. (Aka to his potential lova) Note: Will be filled out more when there is more to add to it. Right now it is not part of him.

Optimistic/Observant/Social/Emotions: At times Xorinfael can come off as very optimistic. Though it does not happen all the time, when it does it keeps his hopes up for whatever it is he's being optimistic about. This trait will blossom the older he gets. When it comes to being observant. Xorinfael is great at it. He loves to know what's around him, what may be going on, or the next best direction to go should things go awry. He also likes to know how others are feeling...or what their body language may give away to their untruthful smile. As for being social. Xorinfael can be a bit of a solitary creature. Preferring to roam on his own so that he does not have to wait on others. Yet that is also not always the case. Sometimes he may just long for a friend to go on some adventures with. Aside from his twin whom he wishes to be around the most. As for his emotions. They are very controlled and may always be, as far as he's aware of anyway. There's no telling what the future brings.

Class: Psions
  • Just as his sister discovered a special ability in her youth, so too did Xorinfael. It first it was the discovery that he could move certain objects with his mind. Normally the sizes range from small to medium. He has yet to ever be able to move anything large and above. It was soon after that he discovered telepathy. Though that particular ability is only used with people he has close bonds with. Or an enemy he wants to try intimidating. However, mind control is not something Xorinfael will EVER think to do. In fact, it's something that terrifies him. Just the idea of controlling someone to the extent where they have no ability to fight back is not something he wishes to have control over so he will never dabble in that aspect of being a Psions.
Magical Type: Earth Elemental.
  • Manipulation - This allows Xorinfael to basically sculpt the earth to his likings. Depending on what he's shaping the earth to do depends on how much stamina he has to spend on it. This is also used for offensive and defensive abilities. Creating spikes on the ground, or wrapping a protective wall up over him to block some kind of attack. Etc. etc. It is also in this that Xorinfael can compress parts of the earth so tight to forge gems depending on the area he does this in.
  • Mini Quake - Basically this causes a small earthquake in an area surrounding him. This can be used to trip up those running in for an attack, disorienting them enough to hopefully give him the upper hand in the fight.
  • Magnetism - A simple ability that allows him to make certain objects magnetic. Depending on the strength of the spell that was cast whatever was magnetized attracts certain metals be it other people's weapons or even ore within the ground that can be used to craft new weapons.
  • Earth Shake - A far larger ability to Xorin's mini quake. A wild earthquake will ripple across the area with him as the epicenter. Though xorin is safe from harm, anyone caught up in the area is susceptible to high damage. This ability consumed a great deal of stamina so it is usually used on a dire need basis. It can only be used once every four days less he risks the change of draining himself to the point of over exertion and being unconscious for days or in extreme cases on the verge of dying.
  • Fissure - The earth cracks apart, opening a deep fissure that swallows anybody nearby. Xorin must be cautious where they open this divide, for it may swallow them too. Much like his Earth Shake ability, Xorin cannot use this ability more than once every four to six days depending on how much stamina and energy was used to use said ability.
  • More will be listed the more he discovers ICly

***Shapeshifting gene: Things he can shift into.
  • Wolf
  • Bear
  • Fox
  • He can potentially shift into more but he has yet to discover them. Will be learned ICly

Can be found here at this moment
Can be found Here
Can be found: No where atm.
Can be found: No Where atm
Can be found: No where atm.

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