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 Vulcan, [x] dragon || male
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Name: Vulcan

Age: 402

Gender: Male

Race: Dragon (Western)

Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: Long-legged and lithe, Vulcan's scales are bright red, with darker red markings on his face, the back of his neck, his flanks, and legs. The entirety of his tail is the same dark red color as the rest of his markings. A feathery crest extends from the back of his head and neck, and feathery tufts jut from the backs his elbows and ankles. Another feathery tuft extends from the base of his tail and extends nearly quarter down its length, which has five spikes growing from its whip-like tip. Two short, sharp horns extend straight back from his skull, and two larger ones curl downwards from beneath the first two, and extend to a bit past the end of his nose. Large, mobile ears extend around these curling horns, and four small spikes just from his jaw. His eyes are a glittering blue color, and broad, leathery white scales run from the base of his neck and down his belly, ending part way down the underside of his tail. He tends to ear golden bangles, and golden earrings, all forged by himself, of course.

Personality: First and foremost, he is fiercely proud of his work, and his smithy skills. No matter his opinion of somebody, if he agrees to forge something for them, he will pour his heart and soul into his work, focusing on it with iron determination until the task is completed, no matter how long it might take.

However, given his cynical, reclusive nature, convincing him to craft something can be difficult. He would much rather ply his trade (and hobby) without getting involved in the affairs of the world. While he is often calm and even-minded, he possesses a fiery temper, and can erupt into rage without any warning.

Skills/Abilities: An exceptional fire-mage, he can manipulate flames to burn with extreme intensity, and weave flame spells with great control and precision. To go with this is a total immunity to even the hottest fires. If it's fire in any form, it can't hurt him. He is also a skilled manipulator of metal, and can bend it to his will. This holds true even for metal armor worn by others, allowing him to turn their own weapons and armor against them.

However, he primarily uses these skills at the forge, heating metal and using his power to further ensure he can forge the finest of metal crafts, from exquisite weapons and armor to elegant jewelry. Although he could use his power alone to craft such things, he prefers to use a hammer and anvil like any other smith. He is also capable of infusing anything he makes with enchantments, and to that end he has tinkered with alchemy, and kv'naer runes, although he uses his knowledge entirely for forging.

He has forged a powerful suit of dark armor for himself, replete with enchantments to better protect him, and, when forced to fight, wields a hammer likewise heavily enchanted to shatter armor and magical shields.

He also possesses the ability to melt down even the most powerful of artifacts, effectively unmaking them, although the process can be exceptionally dangerous, depending on the artifact in question, and time-consuming.

Weaknesses/Flaws: His temper can get the better of him at times, leading him to abruptly erupt. This can cause him problems as he tends to get destructive towards his surroundings, to the point where he throws anvils, and whatever he can get his paws on. If the target of his anger is a person, they might find themselves used for target practice with whatever he decides to toss their way.

He is also highly susceptible to cold weather, and ice magic.

History: Vulcan long had an interest in metalworking from a young age, and he would often sit and watch blacksmiths at their work. Some, exasperated at the constant company but unable to drive him off, decided to put him to work, much to his delight, just as they would any apprentice.

Content to live the life of a metal smith, he refused to aid his uncle Kairn in his plots, and likewise chose not to oppose him either. Not until Kairn's actions threatened to destroy all of the realms, But, before he had the chance to effectively contribute to the fight against Kairn, his uncle was defeated, and slain.

Returning to his forging, he remained there until Scylla's wrath was unleashed and the Faction of Hope began hunting dragons, forcing him, against his will, to once more take note of what was happening in the Realms at large.
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