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 Valeria, [x] myth-kin xeriin || female
Name: Valeria

Age: 273 Years

Gender: Female

Race: Myth-Kin Xeriin (Unicorn)

Alignment: Light-Neutral

Appearance: Tall, lithe, and graceful, Valeria stands on two long, slender but strong legs, and her head much resembles a true unicorn's, only on a smaller scale. Her neck is long and slender, and a long, soft, pale grey mane adorns her head and neck. A long horn, resembling pure glass, rises from her forehead. Her hide is the color of pale ivory, and her eyes are a deep violet color. Her cloven hooves are a blue-grey shade, and her tail is long, reminiscent of a lion's complete with tuft. She prefers to wear long, loose clothing designed to allow freedom of movement.

Personality: Around any non-myth-kin xeriin, she is very reserved, and if possible, will refuse to converse with them, particularly if they're humanoids. She's more open and tolerant with non-humanoid species. However, she is highly intolerant where normal xeriin are concerned.

Among other Myth-Kin xeriin, she is far more open, if a little melancholy, and quite generous. She prefers to be outside, instead of in any permanent settlement, and will often go for solitary walks in the wild, sometimes disappearing for days on end. While she tends to be a loner, she will fiercely defend her fellow Myth-king xeriin from danger.

Skills/Abilities: She can run quite fast, and is very agile. She is stronger than she looks, and can deliver a nasty kick. Her horn is sharp enough to pierce all but the toughest of materials, even if it's magical. She fights with a staff bound with a silvery metal, from which she can conjure a magic blade if she wishes to wield it as a spear. This staff can be spun at high speeds to create a magical barrier. She is also a skilled archer, capable of stringing her bow and firing accurately while running.

She is skilled at manipulating lightning, and can call down a bolt from a cloudy sky to her horn, to either empower herself, or to redirect it at a target. Overuse can leave her severely drained.

Aside from her martial prowess, she is an experienced metal-smith. Given enough time, she can imbue a crafted object with some of her aura to enchant it in some manner, although she can't produce anything of any great power on her own.

Weaknesses/Flaws: Being a myth-kin xeriin, she's been hunted by normal xeriin before, and has seen others of her kind killed due to prejudice. This experience has furthered her melancholy nature, and embittered her towards normal xeriin. She is likewise slow to trust other, non myth-kin xeriin.

On top of that, she can be slow to withdraw from danger, especially if others of her kind are threatened, even if she's either no longer needed for their survival or has been injured.

History: Born on Xaeri, her unicorn features marked her from birth. As she grew and matured, she took to wandering between the various Havens for her kind, watched over by the Silver Claw, keeping largely to herself, and not bothering with the affairs of the wider Realm.

However, when the inhabitants of various havens started being slaughtered, she spent less and less time in any, and this very likely saved her life. Forced to start taking more notice of what was going on in the Realm, she nonetheless remained very wary.

Xaeri wasn't the safest for her kind even in the best of times.
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