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 Fimbulvetr, [x] vystrian wolf || male
Name: Fimbulvetr

Age: 1,563

Gender: male

Race: Vystrian wolf

Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: A lithe but sturdy wolf, taller than average, Fimbulvetr's pelt is a very pale blue-white, and glitters like ice. His claws resemble icicles, and along his brow-ridge, resembling eyebrows extend a pair of small ridges of icy-looking spikes. His eyes are a pale, icy blue color, and an icy crown-like growth adorns the top of his skull. His paws are overly large, with thick webbing so he can more easily traverse even soft snow. His blood is cold, and is a very pale, icy blue color.

His familiar is a wolverine, pure white with icy claws, named Snaer.

Personality: Like the winter he's named for, he is calm, patient, and relentless in his pursuit of whatever goals he's set for himself. To those who don't know him, or who he's decided he doesn't want anything to do with, he presents a cold facade, and won't even waste time speaking to them. However, if anybody catches his interest, or proves themselves, he is much more open.

He loves the cold. Snow, ice, he loves the beauty to be found in it, and by extension, is willing to share in its enjoyment with others. However, on the flip side, if sufficiently provoked, he will unleash his icy powers upon the offender or offenders, and isn't above freezing body parts in solid ice.

Skills/Abilities: Ice and wind are infused with him to an extreme degree, so much so that his body is cold to the touch. He can craft anything imaginable out of ice, from structures to armor, and anything in between. It's not uncommon for him to craft a sled or skis if he's traversing the mountains, while his large paws act as natural snowshoes. He can also form icy spears and hurl them at his foes with great force and accuracy.

With the wind, he can conjure howling blizzards, complete with large hailstones. He can also use the wind to redirect physical and some magical projectiles, either to deflect it or to send it back to whoever fired it. He can also use the wind to fly, crafting icy fins or wings to stabilize himself.

The deep cold in his body has vastly slowed his aging. While not a true immortal, he will live to be many times older than any other Vystrian wolf. His aura is powerful, and manifests as a swirling winter wind with a flurry of snow. He is completely immune to ice and cold, and only the most powerful of fire can withstand his power, let alone injure him.

Weaknesses/Flaws: His slowed aging has given him a rather skewed perspective, and his indifference to the cold means he often overlooks or fails to consider what the cold does to most wolves. He also dislikes being in warm places, and will actively seek to avoid bodily contact with others for that very reason. Likewise, touching him is like touching pure ice.

He dislikes the heat, and while his aura will cool even the hottest temperatures, it will leave him sluggish and torpid to the point of catatonia in the most extreme circumstances. If a powerful enough fire were to ever overcome his aura and defenses, the results would be catastrophic for him.

He can slow his body functions down greatly, and enter a deep state of hibernation, with only the very smallest indications he still lives.

History: Born long ago, Fimbulvetr quickly displayed his aptitude for manipulating wind and ice, and it wasn't long before his aura started to manifest itself. Unfortunately for him, the rest of his birth-pack couldn't tolerate the resulting cold snap, and they were forced to send him out on his own. For a time, he moved between packs, but always with the same result.

Little did he know that he was bonded with an ice elemental which eventually manifested as his familiar, which was delayed due to his slow aging.

He withdrew into the high mountains to be closer to his natural elements, thriving in the cold as he mastered his power over the next few centuries since his slowed aging gave him far longer than most wolves to practice, and refine his abilities.

When Scylla's wrath struck, not even her winter storms could harm him, although he still found himself either buried in deep snow, or frozen in ice on numerous occasions. Unharmed, but troubled, he descended from the heights, and it wasn't long before he found the Vehn pack, whose leader Rialtos he had seen before, wandering in the cold.
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