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 Aeterna, [x] wolf/lightbeast || female
Name: Aeterna

Age: 730 Years

Gender: Female

Race: Vystrian Wolf/Kalina Lightbeast

Alignment: Light

Appearance: While her body is almost completely lupine in appearance, Aeterna's Kalina heritage shows in her wings, which look like they're made of feathers crafted from pure light, and in her ever-shining pelt, which appears lit with its own inner light. Her eyes are glowing orbs of white light. Her tail is long, almost as long as the rest of her body, from head to haunch. Despite her age, she still has the appearance of youth about her.

Personality: Kind, calm, compassionate, Aeterna is easy to get along with, and would rather judge people by their actions rather than anything else. Despite having lived more than twice the average lifespan of normal wolves, she retains a youthful vitality and inquisitive nature about her, almost to the point of naivete.

However, if need be, she is fully capable of acts of furious destruction and violence in defense of those she cares about, to the point of utter ruthlessness, although afterwards she would feel sickened by the experience.

Skills/Abilities: Due to her lightbeast heritage, her connection to light is absolute, and her control over the element refined to an immense degree. She can banish shadows, emit a powerful, destructive beam of light capable of melting stone, and actually become pure light if she needs to travel from one place to another. She is likewise a powerful healer of both physical and mental diseases, to the point where she can purify even the most virulent of diseases or toxins.

Due to her lupine heritage, she has a good deal of speed, stamina, and agility, as well as keen senses. She is likewise a strong flier.

Weaknesses/Flaws: If traveling as light, she can only travel to a point she can actually see, and if she does so while exhausted, she risks being unable of reforming her body, which would kill her. The same holds true for any great magical effort on her part. Any dark elemental attacks that managed to strike would deal severe injury to her.

Her naivete can sometimes lead her into trouble since she is prone to giving any creature she meets the benefit of the doubt as far as their intention are. Moreover, she is reluctant to actually react with violence towards anybody, not even if she herself is in danger.

She is afraid of the dark. While elemental darkness is something she finds repulsive on multiple levels, plain natural darkness provokes fear in her.

History: Born from the union between a male Kalina lightbeast on an errand and a young female wolf who was out hunting when she met the lightbeast, Aeterna gained her name due to her lack of physical aging. Once she reached physical maturity, she stopped aging further.

Over the next few centuries, she moved from pack to pack as conditions changed, always quick to offer her healing powers to anybody in need of them. This, together with her affable personality, usually earned her a place in whatever pack the needy happened to belong to, particularly when alphas or cubs were in need of healing.

However, not even her power was capable of withstanding Scylla's wrath, and she found herself on her own for a good while before more or less attaching herself to the Vehn pack, once again demonstrating her power as a healer in an attempt to gain admittance into their ranks.
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