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 Ketchly, [x] yorijian dragon || male
Name: Ketchly

Age: 4,980 Years

Gender: Male

Race: Yorijian Dragon (Kingfisher)

Alignment: Light-Neutral

Appearance: Fairly typical for a kingfisher, aside from his abnormal length. He measures close to fifty feet in length, and is covered in alabaster feathers, although he has never been seen without bright paint covering them in various patterns. His tufted feelers are pure white, and his long, antler-like horns are a pale blue-grey. A short mane, likewise pure white, runs down the back of his neck to just before his shoulders. His eyes are sky-blue.

Personality: The quintessential kingfisher. Just as his Family can be found at the center of many court disputes, so can be found at the center of his Family's doings. While he is a hedonist who could easily be accused of caring more about what color paint to use on any given day than attending to his duties, he is utterly devoted to the good of Yorije as a whole, and loyal unto death to the reigning Calypso.

Generally light-hearted and carefree, he cares little for proper etiquette, and will usually only make half-hearted attempts at following proper protocol. But he won't directly defy any orders from the Calypso. However, he despises long-winded speeches and endless debates, and won't hesitate to interrupt, whether he has anything meaningful to add or not.

His thrill-seeking lead him to take to acrobatic and athletic pursuits, and he often takes part in various aerial and aquatic sports.

Skills/Abilities: Like all of his kind, Ketchly is a gifted flier, fast and agile. He possesses a very cunning mind, and is highly perceptive. He is also highly attuned to the element Air, capable of bending it to his will. His greatest power with it is boosting his own speed, allowing him to fly and maneuver at high speeds. And while he much prefers to leave the fighting to the black Guard, and the more aggressive Yorijian families, he can use his speed to inflict nasty wounds with his long, slender claws.

Weaknesses/Flaws: His magical prowess is granted to him through his pearl, and waxes and wanes with the phases of the moon, and its brightness. His hedonistic nature can likewise work against him, as his reputation can make it hard for others to take him seriously, even if he wasn't focused on something meant to satisfy his personal whims.
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