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 Valstrath, [x] yorijian dragon|| male
Name: Valstrath

Age: 1352

Gender: Male

Race: Yorijian Dragon, Firewaters

Role: Patriarch

Alignment: Light

Appearance: Ten and a half feet at the shoulder, Valstrath is a strong built dragon, as one might expect of a Patriarch. He is forty-two feet in length, and appropriately resembles cooling magma in his colour. Primarily a very dull, dark brown, his scales are flecked randomly with red-orange blotches. His mane is black, long, and more often than not, hangs loose about his neck, only decorated for special occasions within his family.

Each black claw on his four-toed paws is long, but blunted, due to his harsh, rocky home. Finally, his eyes are a bright, hard orange.

Personality: Valstrath is very loyal to his family - fiercely so, in fact. Generally stern, he has little time for follies, and opts instead to get straight to the point of whatever matter is at hand. Around other families, he frequently has a proud, aloof front on, and is likely to be passive aggressive, daring others who may look down on him to try something, and give him the justification to let loose his hostility on them. To his own, and to those not of dragon kind, he is civil, generally.

Skills/Abilities: Though it seems to defy logic, Valstrath can breathe fire underwater, proving this particular rumour about the Firewaters to be true. He can also cause an object close enough to combust by means of focusing magic upon it. He is also a skilled climber, able to tackle harsh and tricky terrain with fair ease, built as he is for his mountainous, volcanic home.

Flaws/Weaknesses: Valstrath’s biggest weakness is, by far, his pride. Because of his knowledge of his family’s banishment, his aloof and cold nature among other dragons can make him unpleasant to be around.

History: The Firewaters family was banished over five thousand years ago, although no-one can recall why; the reason lost to legend. Not even Valstrath himself can remember, but he is aware of it, and is therefore bitter around the subject. As Patriarchs go, Valstrath has not held this responsibility for very long, as his predecessor was killed by what he assumes was an errant volcanic eruption. In reality, it was caused by a Leviathan.

In his time, Valstrath was happy to stay away from the other families, but as storms sprung up everywhere, terrible and destructive, he took it upon himself to travel to meet with the other families, for the sake of the victims of the storms.

Character Information Approved.

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