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 Zilar, [x] vystrian lion || male
Name: Zilar

Age: 78

Gender: Male

Race: Vystrian Lion (Argent)

Alignment: Light

Appearance: A large, silvery-furred lion with two tails. His mane and pelt are a silvery blue, platinum shade, interspersed with darker blue markings across his entire body. His eyes are a bright blue-green color, and his fur glows faintly with a blue aura and glimmers like polished metal. His twin tails are long, and end in tufts of silvery-blue fur which glow with a brighter light than the rest of his body.

Personality: An exemplary example of argent lions, Zilar is a devoted guardian to those he cares about. He won't hesitate to place himself in danger, and while he'd prefer not to, he won't hesitate to kill to defend those he has sworn to protect.

Soft-spoken and introspective, he tends to think things through before acting, although he will react without hesitation if it means defending others. While he can easily be mistaken for being cold and aloof, those who take the time to get to know him will find a warm, dependable friend ready to offer advice and support without hesitation, far beyond his argent heritage would demand of him.

Skills/Abilities: A protective, magical barrier manifests itself within Zilar's very fur, granting him immense durability which rivals even the Aurem. He can extend magical barriers around anyone who stands close enough to touch him, and he can purify almost any toxin or poison upon touch.

Aside from his magical abilities, he is a large, strong lion with a good bit of stamina.

Weaknesses/Flaws: While his magical defenses are powerful, any blow or attack they repulse drains him of energy. Heavy blows or powerful magic can overwhelm him, and leave him exhausted to the point of collapse. His constantly-glowing body makes it next to impossible for him to hide in the dark, and makes it hard for him to hunt.

In social settings, he can be perhaps too accepting of flaws in others.

History: Born to a small pride, Zilar was seen as an auspicious omen by his parents, and indeed, shortly after, their pride was absorbed peacefully into a larger, ore powerful one who decided having a platinum Argent in their ranks would bring them good fortune.

This prove true enough until Chamenos invaded. Overwhelmed by demons, Zilar was helpless to protect the rest of the pride, and many of them were killed. The survivors dispersed before Zilar was fully recovered, and he was eventually found by Scythe, who recruited him to be one of the Faen Guards.

Zilar, feeling worthless and without purpose without anybody to defend, accepted.
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