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» Sirisial, [x] wolf/hellwolf || female
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Name: Sirisial (Siri)


Gender: Female

Race: Vystrian/Hellwolf mix (¾/¼ respectively)

Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: Still a pup, Siri stands at just under three feet. Her fur is mainly a deep, royal blue, accented by flecks of red, and a white underbelly. Her eyes are crimson, lacking pupils, and glowing. Seven spikes protrude from her fur on her lower back, and her face is masked by a sharp skull. Due to her Hellwolf genetics, she also has an elongated tail, and more prominent claws.

Personality: Introverted and quiet, Siri is a youngster who mainly keeps herself to herself, due to her uncertainty about interacting with others, and even how to act herself sometimes. She is more comfortable with her family, naturally, and, though not as confident as her siblings, enjoys playing with them. The only exception to the familial comfort is her father, who she has issues trusting, because of his absence and sudden reappearance.

Quiet as she is, Siri spends a lot of time thinking. While other pups may think of playtime, and imagination, Sirisial's thoughts tend to be oddly dark for one her age; she does not care for sugar coating, likely partially because she is wise beyond her years.

Skills/Abilities: Siri's main abilities include her claws, teeth, and powers. Her powers include the ability to call upon ghosts whenever she chooses to do so, and also to see trapped ones, and communicate with them. She also holds darker powers, however, she has little to no control over them presently, and thus is nervous of having them. Finally, she is an amateur healer, able to heal smaller wounds.

Weaknesses/Flaws: As aforementioned, Siri struggles with general interactions, and sureness of self. She much prefers not to socialise, finding it easier and more comfortable, but in doing so, she isolates herself, leaving more room for her insecurities to muscle in because there is nothing to contradict them. By doing this, she is unwittingly impacting on her future.

History: Born to the Hellwolf Dargan and Vystrain Wolf Ayunaye, Sirisial never knew her father. He was not there until many, many months had passed, and Sirisial was under the assumption that this was because he was dead. She discovered this was not the case when a flood struck the grounds upon which the Myr pack resided, and he suddenly showed up to assist, frightening Siri in the process, and planting a sense of betrayal and abandonment in the pup that never really waned.

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