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» Isadora, [x] vystrian Lion || female
Name: Isadora

Age: 184

Gender: Female

Race: Vystrian Lion

Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: Isadora has auburn fur, with a white maw that continues down her throat to become a complete white underbelly. She also has white socks. Her fur is thicker and fluffier around her cheeks, neck, chest and elbows, and her ears have tufted fur too. Tiny braids adorn the fur on her jawline, and two short, black horns sit above her pale blue eyes, hugging the line of her head before curving up and forward at the end. (x)

Personality: Isadora is a thoughtful, patient individual, fond of her pridemates - particularly the cubs; she would like to have her own someday, should the opportunity arise - and generally likes to see the good in others. Very rarely is she rash, preferring instead to sit back and think things through to the fullest first.

Skills/Abilities: Isadora is a keen stargazer, and as such, charts the stars, and has a very good sense of direction because of it. She charts the stars with her ability of mental projection, which allows her to conjure up and alter an image of her choosing, in the place of her choosing, like a hologram. She can also make these images move at will. Additionally, she is a capable healer.

Weaknesses/Flaws: While her mental projection ability is useful for diversions, visual aid, or simply a little fun, the larger, more complex in design or movement, or further away the image is, the more she must concentrate, lest it fade or distort. Keeping up an image for long periods of time gives her nasty headaches, sometimes so bad that she struggles to focus on anything else.

Her long-winded way of thinking of things also means that she finds it difficult to make quick decisions if pushed to.

Character Information Approved.

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