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 Malrazylymautheir, [x] dragon || ancient
Name: Malrazylymautheir (Malraz)

Age: Exceedingly Ancient

Gender: Male

Race: Dragon (Western)

Alignment: Dark

Appearance: In his case, as tall as a mountain is not hyperbole. Balanced on his hind legs, he overtops all but the very tallest of mountains, and even those will be overshadowed by his mighty wings. His claws alone are larger than most dragons, and few even approach the size of his long, angular head. Nine enormous horns sprout from the back of his skull, and a ridge of massive spikes runs down the back of his neck, and all the way to the bladed-spade tip of his tail. His scales are a deep, glossy black, while his wing membranes are a very dark red. When his mouth opens, it shines like the inside of a blazing furnace.

Personality: Malraz is an extremely arrogant dragon, viewing himself as far above other dragons as they are above other species. Cruel and ruthless, and as well as highly cunning, he seeks to bring all Realms under his rule, and ascend to godhood. From there, he would see a new generation of dragons molded to fit his vision of what dragons should be. Despite his arrogance and condescension towards what he sees as inferior beings, when he contacts others in dreams, he can portray himself as a sympathetic individual to better influence them, or use them to further some goal of his own.

Skills/Abilities: Malraz's vast size grants him extreme durability. His scales are as hard as steel, and his hide is extremely thick and tough. Most claws, fangs, and weapons won't even manage to pierce his natural defenses, and those that do will, he would hardly notice, even if they're toxic. He can likewise shrug off all but the most powerful magic attacks without deigning to notice them.

Whether in the air or on the ground, his extreme size and enormous physical strength make him a deadly foe, and his massive claws and fangs can pierce all but the strongest of defenses, or crush the bodies behind those defenses. A single blow from his tail can lay waste to an entire army, and the wind from his wings can fell trees and most buildings. His great size makes his motion look deceptively slow, but he can move far faster than would likely be expected from so massive a creature.

Fire and Darkness are his Elements, often wielded together to give his flaming breath a much deadlier effect. While he won't often use them, he can conjure dark, abyssal wards which swallow and negate offensive spells, and his reiatsu, corrupted by the Void, dampens other reiatsu effects when he is nearby.

He is a powerful Dreamthief, capable of interfering in the dreams of others from a great distance. He will often take on a different form within their dreams, depending on whether he wishes to cause them fear, or influence their desires., while he uses Darkness to corrupt their minds. In addition, he is a powerful Spirit-Walker, capable of entering and exiting the Spirit Realms almost at will.

Perhaps his greatest ability is he can withdraw to the Void, and regenerate his body. His soul has been magically removed from his body, and sealed within a special soulgem which tethers his soul to the Realms of the living. As long as the soulgem is intact, he will be able to reform hos body.

Weaknesses/Flaws: In his arrogance, he refuses to believe he can be threatened by any denizens of the mortal Realms, and he has nothing but utter disdain for mortals that he will often ignore their doings unless they actually manage to damage his body. He can be likewise slow to actively seek to slay his foes.

Perhaps his greatest weakness is his lack of any connection to the physical Realms. Entering any Realm requires him to constantly use his reiatsu to remain there, and the more he is forced to use it, whether in battle or conjuring magic for any purpose, the shorter the amount of time he can remain. A powerful enough blast of magic would send him back to the Void immediately, although few beings would be capable of conjuring that level of power.

Another great weakness is his soulgem. The key to his existence, it is a crystalline sphere roughly ten feet across. Sealed within this sphere is a living, but comatose, dragon whose life essence provides Malraz's soul an anchor, and adds to the soulgem's resilience to damage. But, despite that, if the gem is ever damaged, Malrazylymautheir would be undone. To safeguard against this, he carries it within his body.
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