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» Mahroth, [x] terravyrn || female
Name: Mahroth

Age: Ancient, almost as old as Lost Terra

Gender: Female

Race: Terravyrn

Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: Her scales are a deep blue-black color, and her mane and tail-tuft is a deep purple shade. She stands six and a half feet tall at her shoulder, and twenty-seven feet in length, almost half of which is her tail. Starting from her forehead and crisscrossing her body, tail, and legs is a finely-wrought silver chain, inset with a gleaming amethyst wherever the chain crosses over itself. Her ethereal-looking wing membranes are a light shade of blue.

Personality: She has always been somewhat aloof from worldly affairs, content to let events unfold on Terra without her involvement, but where once she was warm and welcoming to others, now she has become bitter, and resentful towards anybody of power in the Realms, holding them responsible for not preventing Terra's destruction. However, despite her bitterness, she still has deep compassion for others. She would not see another realm suffer the fate of Terra.

Skills/Abilities: Like all of her kind, Mara can absorb elemental magic without harm. However, due to her age, and experience, she can use the absorbed energy to empower her Flare magic. She can use her magic to not only unleash powerful attacks, usually in the form of potent, magical beams capable of slicing through all but the most powerful of enchanted armor although the amount of energy she has to expend and the amount of time it takes varies, she is also capable of conjuring powerful shields. She is a graceful, agile flier, capable of maneuvering through tight spaces with ease. In addition, she is one of the few Terravyrns who can summon the spirits of her kind from the past. While these spirits can't directly influence the world of the living, they can empower Mahroth's Flare, although this is very draining.

Weaknesses/Flaws: Her deep bitterness and resentment towards the powerful can make it difficult for them to deal with her, and her with them. Like the rest of her kind, she is weak against reiatsu and non-elemental magics, and is no match, physically, for any foe larger than herself.

History: One of the first terravyrns to hatch on Lost Terra, she relegated herself to merely observing, and offering advice to those who actively sought her out, declining to take on a more authoritative role. She was content with this, and as the millenia passed, she paid no heed to the rising and falling of civilizations, and never gave other Realms a second thought.

Not until Terra itself was destroyed.

She was the only survivor of her entire family. Her mate, and all of her children, grandchildren, etc. were killed when her home Realm was obliterated, and in the turmoil that followed as the few who escaped Terra fell to the snakes, sarkas, or other predators. A few survived all that, only to be slain by the Faction.
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