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» Dorah, [x] mimic || female
Name: Dorah

Age: 36

Gender: Female

Race: Mimic

Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: Dorah's default appearance stands at 5'4". Her body type is athletic, given she is nomadic, and her legs are longer than her torso. Her hair is long, and not quite straight, draping past her shoulders by a few inches. It is a rich honey colour, the bangs are tied back into a partial ponytail behind the head while the rest is loose, and daisies are permanently weaved through it - the flowers inspired by a beautiful elven woman she met once. Her eyes are hazel.

In terms of clothing, she sports a baggy, white cloth shirt that is much too big for her, often made to look more fitting with the scruffy, plain leather belt around her waist. The shirt has no buttons, and is simply made to pull over the head. On her legs, she wears a pair of dark brown cloth trousers, again, simplistic. They are cropped to only reach half way down her shins. Finally, on her feet, she wears leather wrap sandals, occasionally with bandages to ease the friction and prevent sores.

Personality: In a few short words, Dorah could be considered childish, optimistic, and mischievous. She is very social, and thoroughly enjoys meeting new people, making new friends, and learning about their lives. She sees the world through rose tinted glasses, and always tries to find the silver lining in a situation, sometimes even to a naive extent. Additionally, she will frequently try to play practical jokes on folks, usually turning into a normally inanimate object and shouting 'boo', or turning into the person she is trying to get a giggle at the expense of. Finally, Dorah has a tendency to be a little eccentric with her language, often spewing nonsensical things, before suddenly switching the subject as something new comes to her mind.

Skills/Abilities: Aside from the obvious ability to change her appearance at will, Dorah has a fairly good sense of direction, and is an adept tracker. Both of these things stem from her nomadic lifestyle, and her insatiable curiosity. On top of that, she is also survival savvy. Of course, it helps to be able to blend in by turning into a rock or a tree to escape danger.

Weaknesses/Flaws: Keen to make friends as she is, Dorah's over-eager nature can get the better of her, making her a little too full on and, depending on the person she is interacting with, potentially annoying. She also has a tendency to show off, switching forms frequently, particularly if the other party has expressed interest in her ability. Finally, Dorah refuses to learn to use weaponry. She would much rather hide in a hostile situation, deeming it easier, and safer.


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Thanks to SpiritSai for her beautiful art!
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