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 Crosis, [x] demon/terravyrn || male
Name: Crosis

Age: 37 Years

Gender: Male

Race: Demon/Terravyrn

Alignment: Dark

Appearance: Crosis' body is rather serpentine in build, although he still has the basic four legs, long tail, and wings. He stands five feet tall at his shoulder, and measures twenty feet long, half of which is his tail. His vaporous wing-membranes are a shimmering gold color, and within his empty eye sockets, two glowing spheres of pure energy hang suspended in mid air. His scales are jet-black, and lined with vivid green stripes which run across his body in almost mesmerizing patterns. The horn on his forehead, and his long mane, are both bright green. Inside his mouth, two long, sharp fangs unfold when he opens his jaws wide. His green-tufted tail hides poisonous spines, and similar poisonous spines are hidden within his mane, along his neck. Larger barbs sprout from his wingtips. A random assortment of glowing green crystals emerge from his scaled hide, and can be harvested for various means.

Of demon blood as he is, he has 'frozen' with the appearance of youthful vitality about him, resembling a young adult terravyrn. His fingers are clawless, and highly dexterous, allowing him to manipulate objects as well as a human.

A golden ring adorns his horn, inscribed with runes, shielding him from any attempts at mind reading or control, and allow him to contact Vortigern in dire need. He can only use it to contact his father a few times before he wold lose that ability.

Personality: Crosis is rather languid in temperament, preferring a slow approach to life. By and large, he cares little for the opinions of others, and will typically completely ignore anybody with an arrogant attitude. However, despite this, he is staunchly loyal to his father Vortigern, and wants nothing more than to please him. Somewhat at odds with his heritage, he enjoys lazing about in marshy areas and swamps.

When dealing with others, he tends to be rather laid back, often willing to let others do the talking. Under his father's tutelage, he has learned how to be highly perceptive. In battle, he can be sadistic and ruthless, willing to undertake actions others might be reluctant to even consider. He especially takes delight in watching a victim succumb to his toxins.

Skills/Abilities: His demonic heritage along the Pestilence line has given him a complete immunity to all toxins, poisons, and diseases, which crystallize within his body, end are ejected through his flesh. In place of blood, a green ichor flows in his veins, which forms into small, glowing crystals which seal his wounds when exposed to air. The ichor emits a vapor which has irritate the eyes, nose, and throat of anybody who breathes it.

The spines concealed in his mane and tail secrete a nasty venom which causes partial paralysis and acidic necrosis in injected flesh, causing the victim's skin to begin to dissolve and numbing their flesh, which can lead to them not realizing how bad the injury is. The barbs on his wingtips are likewise venomous, and inflict a painful, burning sensation akin to having hot steel stabbed into the victim's flesh.

His fangs can spray a nasty venom which can cause temporary blindness if it hits the victim's eyes, extreme nausea if ingested, and swelling and irritation if it gets into an open wound. If he manages to sink these fangs into a victim's flesh, he can inject his victim with a neurotoxin which paralyzes them, and slowly causes their heart and lungs to cease functioning.

His terravyrn heritage renders him completely immune to elemental magic, and his demonic heritage makes him considerable stronger and more resilient than he appears to be, closer to a match for a typical Western dragon. His reiatsu manifests as a subtle, green miasma which can cause burning to exposed flesh, and burning in the eyes, nose, and throat of whoever breathes enough of it in. He can use the crystals growing from his body and his reiatsu to perform a version of alchemy, usually along the lines of crafting venoms, acids, or antitoxins.

He is exceedingly agile, and can strike exceptionally fast, twisting and turning in an an unpredictable manner. And perhaps his greatest ability is regeneration. If he loses a limb, or suffers a serious injury, his ichor flows out to seal the wound, and regrow the lost flesh and bone. However, this takes time, and if any internal organs are damaged, he will be severely drained of energy while they heal.

He has yet to unleash his trigger.

Weaknesses/Flaws: Half-breed that he is, he lacks the terravyrn Flare magic, and has no aptitude with any element. In open areas, or areas with strong winds, his reiatsu effect isn't as efficient, and the vapors emitted from any wounds he might suffer won't be as detrimental. While he is stronger than he looks, he is still weaker than a normal dragon, and lacks heavy scales.

He can't withstand many heavy blows without being forced to retreat and regenerate, and light-based healing magic won't work on him. And he is still fully susceptible to reiatsu-based attacks. If faced with an opponent who is immune to toxins, he will be at a distinct disadvantage.

History: Conceived when his father Vortigern, decades before the demon ascended to Lordship, negotiated with a terravyrn, offering her several pieces of valuable jewelry in exchange for a healthy offspring. The egg was delivered to Vortigern, and the terravyn left, leaving the demon to raise the son he had bargained for.

As the child grew, he was subjected to carefully applied runes designed to grant him total immunity from all toxins, and although he was being raise to serve a purpose, Lord Vortigern treated him like a full son, personally tutoring him with a firm but fair hand. When Vortigern ascended to the Throne of Pestilence, he brought Crosis into the castle with him, and continued his instruction.

In light of recent events, Crosis was instructed to depart Kurai, with specific instructions, first and foremost of which was to locate Verridith. He departed within the very hour he received these instructions, and made his way to Felnova.
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