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 Unarath, [x] dragon/sarka || female
Name: Unarath

Age: 27

Gender: Female

Race: Western Dragon-Sarka

Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: Unarath's overall appearance is much like that of a western dragon, and her thick, tough scales are a glossy alabaster color with pink rose tinting faintly showing if seen at the right angle. her horns are a deep, basalt black, and here and there, across her shoulders, down her back, and on her hips, dark basalt spots stand out in an orderly pattern. Her left eye is a deep golden color, while her right eye is the shifting, pupil-less eye of a sarka. Her wings possess the three talons of a sarka, although hers are more finger-like in construction. Her whip-like tail ends in a venomous, poisonous barb, and is scarred around the base of the poison gland. A row of dark spikes runs down her back, starting from the base of her skull, and continuing all the way down her tail. Her head is long and narrow, and vicious, curved, serrated fangs adorn her jaws. Her claws are longer than average for a dragon, but not as large as a full-blooded sarka's, although they are still extremely sharp. She stands roughly ten feet tall at her shoulder. Her wing membranes are similar to those of a sarka, but her light coloring helps them blend in.

In an attempt to hide her sarka heritage, Unarath wears a specially-designed silvery helmet which covers the top of her head, down the length of her nose, and conceals her right eye behind a metal covering with a stylized dragon eye engraved into it. Her tail-bard is concealed within a metal spike, and she wears a light, silvery armor made of metal scales which covers her back and sides, secured by stout leather straps. A round, silvery metal plate protects her chest.

Personality: Unarath is a rather sanguine individual, if a bit caustically so, prone to dark humor, and sarcastic quips. However, this facade masks her insecurity about her heritage, which is a major sore spot for her. If she trusts anybody enough to lower her care-free, caustic facade, they would find she is a compassionate, caring soul. However, in battle, she fights with an almost gleeful savagery, unmindful of her own injuries if it means inflicting equal or worse damage to her foes.

Her greatest fear is her heritage will be found out by the dragons she passes herself as belonging with, and force her to go into exile, or risk getting killed due to her heritage. While she's fine on her own, she is terrified of truly being alone in the world, which makes her rather slow to fully trust others, and she never removes her helmet in another's presence, claiming it hides her ruined eye. She is driven to help others as a way to offset what she sees as a cursed existence.

Skills/Abilities: Her skeletal structure is almost unbreakable, and her scales are thick and tough as a sarka's. Her tail-barb delivers a venom just as potent as a full-blooded sarka's, and her claws are long and sharp. Her serrated teeth can deliver nasty, jagged wounds, and their curved design makes it hard for someone thus bitten to get loose. Sarka venom would be only half as effective if used against her. Her armor, though unenchanted, does add some protection.

She is highly attuned to elemental light, and is an accomplished healer. She knows a few words of the kv'naer language pertaining to healing, although actually speaking them is severely draining for her, and can cause her to pass out.

She can shriek much like a sarka, but her version isn't lethal. Instead, it causes fear upon anyone who hears it, and can inflict horrific pain to anybody close by. She doesn't know if she will ever have the ability to phase.

Weaknesses/Flaws: Her aggression in battle can lead her to overexert herself, and her fear of being revealed as a half sarka means she is slow to trust, and often causes her to act standoffish towards others. Her often obscured vision leaves her with a blind spot which could be exploited by a perceptive foe. Her shame and disgust over her sarka heritage has spawned in her a desire to 'atone' for it.

History: Her mother was a dragon who was briefly held prisoner by a sarka on Millirand. He found the power he held over her to be intoxicating, and he often threatened her with death. After nearly a month, she was impregnated, and laid three eggs. Once they started to hatch, the sarka decided to kill the hatchlings, only for Unarath's mother to attack him.

Una's siblings were killed in the ensuing struggle, and her mother managed to tear open the sarka's throat but was struck by the creature's barbed tail in the process. Alone and frightened, Unarath wandered off on her own, and was found by an aged elf mage who still held some loyalty towards the old Royal Family of Millirand, and he promptly took her in.

Although he was strict, and rather stern, he was fair, and truly cared about her well-being. He taught her how to control her magic, and even taught her a few words of kv'naer, warning her to never utter them lightly. he was the one who forged her armor after she, knowing what she was, tried to chew her tail-bard off in a frenzy of despair.

Her sarka heritage caused her to mature quickly, and eventually, an anti-dragon mob spurred on to action by a priest devoted to the One, attacked them. The elf was killed while gaining her time to flee, and she decided to pass herself off as a full dragon, claiming she lost her eye, and suffered an injury to her tail to explain why she never took her helmet or tail covering off.

She was only twenty years old at the time, but looked to be an adolescent over four times her actual age, by dragon standards. However, despite fooling them, she never felt comfortable among them, and earned a reputation as a rather aloof individual who made her way around, helping whoever needed a healer, and didn't mind a dragon's presence.

Rumors of bad events in Felnova reached her, and she pondered over whether or not to see if there was anything she could do to help.
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