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 Vortigern, [x] demon || male
Name: Vortigern

Age: 7,862 Years

Gender: Male

Race: Demon (N'vaen-Pestilence)

Alignment: Dark

Appearance: Unlike many demons, Vortigern resembles a man in his mid sixties. A white goatee graces his chin, his facial structure is regal, and his equally white hair is kept short. His ears are pointed, and a pair of short black horns curve back from his skull, sprouting from just above his forehead directly aligned with his piercing red eyes. His long fingers end in sharp claws, and his skin is pale. He stands at 6'6" and is trim of build. He commonly wears dark, ornate robes, black leather boots, and on formal occasions, dons an ornate metal mask molded to fit his features made of dark steel and a concealing hood which casts the mask in shadow.

Personality: Intelligent, calculating, and ruthless. When dealing with others, he presents a stoic facade as if his face was carved from stone, not revealing his feelings in the slightest. He is most concerned with providing for the safety and prosperity of his family, his followers, and Kurai, in that order, and will act to destroy anyone who threatens them. Given to deep consideration before acting, he tends towards a 'wait and see' mindset when faced with new situations.

He carries himself with pride, and projects an air of authority and strong, indomitable will. He has little patience for idiocy, and even less for small mind games, preferring efficient endeavors and capable people. While he views other races as largely beneath much consideration, he isn't above being impressed by capable individuals.

Skills/Abilities: Like all demons, he is immensely strong, and extremely fast. Even without using his Devil Trigger, he can overpower most opponents with just his raw strength alone. On top of that, he is a powerful scion, capable of using his strong will to manipulate his surroundings with practiced ease. He is also capable of reading minds, and can take control of an unprepared person if they don't possess a strong will of their own. If he manages to lock eyes with someone, and hold their gaze, he can erode their will and mental defenses, turning them into his pawn, usually leaving them completely broken in mind. At the cost of losing almost all perception of the material world, he can enter another's mind-scape, and, if left unchecked, inflict mental disease.

Wounds caused by his claws almost inevitably become infected as disease sets in, and spreads. Depending on the size of the wounds, this disease will can cause fever, delirium, and even death.

He possesses a heavily enchanted stave, Nox Fatalis, carved with numerous runes, carved from a dark, hard wood almost as hard as steel. Sealed, it takes the form of a cane of wood, topped with a dark metal cap, and tipped with a dark metal ferrule, which he almost always carries with him. Released, it takes the form of a metal-bound, wooden crosier, surrounded by a sickly green aura of its own, and gleaming with virulent green runes.

Vortigern's reiatsu is highly virulent, and manifests as a hissing, dark miasma capable of inflicting a deadly plague upon anybody nearby, and provides him with a near-immunity to diseases, and strong resistances against many toxins. This resistance is enhanced by his knowledge of runes, amplified by Nox Fatalis.

He has yet to reveal his Devil Trigger.

Weaknesses/Flaws: His cold demeanor can be off-putting, and his disdain for other races can be a detriment to him. His preference for waiting to see how events develop can cause him to miss opportunities, and react slowly to threats.

History: Early in his life, Vortigern was sent abroad to learn ways of magic beyond what was then available in Kurai. Outside, he took a deep interest in runes, as the idea of something being made to outlast the slow decay of time intrigued him. Pestilence was heavily rooted in the idea of things slowly being worn away. He devoted several centuries to studying runes, and, at the culmination of his studies, he crafted Nox Fatalis, a powerful weapon and tool, and returned to Kurai.

Sequestered within Pestilence territory, he remained secluded from many of the happenings within the the Realm, using hellwolves and lesser demons as proxies to deliver messages and commands in his stead. When Chamenos Bloodreign ascended the throne, Vortigern was one of the last to answer his call to arms in preparation for his war, although he had never opposed Chamenos.

After Chamenos fell, slain after leading demon-kind into a second failed war, Vortigern once more withdrew to Pestilence territory, where he has been observing events as they unfold.
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